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00:01:23 Heyer, Inc.:  Miami, Florida – Tax, Accounting, Advisory, Payroll – Looking to   outsource some of our work to India 🙂

00:02:01 Bernellc: Bernell, checking in from Bronx, NY

00:02:20 Heyer, Inc.: Ralf Heyer

00:02:37 John M Hicks, EA,CPA: Xenia Ohio, 95% tax, raise fees

00:03:35 Lily Tran, EA, CTC: Hello! Lily from Seattle, WA. We provide coaching,  bookkeeping, tax planning, and tax representation services. We prepare less than  100 returns making multi-6 figures. Love to hit $500k – $1M next year.

00:03:38 John M Hicks, EA,CPA:outsourced to Drake Gruntworx only

00:03:42 Terri Palmer: Terri – Indianapolis, IN, payroll, bookkeeping, tax…raising fees is a  priority

00:04:44 Denise Mandeau: Please mute yourself if you are not speaking

00:09:14 Denise Mandeau: iam@thepitchqueen.com

00:10:13 Heyer, Inc.: story of my life…

00:10:22 Lily Tran, EA, CTC: I feel mommy guilt

00:10:27 victorurena: YES

00:10:29 John M Hicks, EA,CPA: YES !!

00:10:42 Terri Palmer: yes

00:10:56 victorurena: YES

00:11:31 Bernellc: Nasty mood with my friends and family most days.

00:11:37 Terri Palmer: The stress of the last two years has affected me physically

00:11:54 John M Hicks, EA,CPA: yes

00:12:01 Jackie: Yes to all, but definitely the last one.

00:12:18 victorurena: YES, DEFINATELY

00:12:22 Heyer, Inc.: too much stress

00:13:19 Lily Tran, EA, CTC: Year after year, I’m becoming callous and I don’t want too.

00:13:21 Heyer, Inc.: Value Pricing / Flat fees

00:13:39 victorurena: I CHARGED A FLAT FEE

00:14:19 Lily Tran, EA, CTC:  Value pricing, recurring payments.. don’t like chasing my clients  for payments anymore

00:15:10 John M Hicks, EA,CPA: of course

00:15:12 Heyer, Inc.: FOR SURE!

00:15:14 Terri Palmer: Yes…

00:15:16 Bernellc: yes

00:15:16 Jackie: Yes, and very frustrating

00:15:20 victorurena: ALL THE TIME

00:18:11 Denise Mandeau: Time to stop grinding it out!!!!

00:18:56 Lily Tran, EA, CTC: I’m a workaholic.

00:19:31 John M Hicks, EA,CPA: that resentment is real!

00:20:00 John M Hicks, EA,CPA: I don’t

00:21:01 Heyer, Inc.: 40 hours – I have a staff member that’s all she does

00:21:13 Denise Mandeau: WOW

00:22:38 Heyer, Inc.: 2 Million (Gross) – Currently we are grossing about 1 M; about 1,000  Returns; and 250K of the 1 M is from monthly write up clients.

00:22:57 John M Hicks, EA,CPA: 2,200 returns

00:23:07 Terri Palmer: 400 individual returns; 100 business returns

00:24:02 victorurena: 500  tax clients and 50 Accounting clients grossing about 380,000  dollars.

00:25:34 victorurena: My revenue goal for 2022 is around 494,000.00

00:26:01 John M Hicks, EA,CPA: my goal has always been to grow my client base 10% per  year, it’s been 22% ytd

00:26:13 John M Hicks, EA,CPA: never had a dollar goal

00:26:15 Lily Tran, EA, CTC: Currently less than 100 clients making $200-$250k. Revenue  goal for 2023 $500k-$1M with less than 100 clients.

00:26:18 Terri Palmer: @Heyer – where are you located?  Location plays a key role in pricing

00:26:21 Jackie: I do this part-time. I would like to increase my gross by 50%

00:26:35 Heyer, Inc.: I am located in Miami, Florida and in Fort Lauderdale

00:27:04 Lily Tran, EA, CTC: Love to work part-time too and spend time with my kids.

00:32:38 victorurena: My time with my family. more vacation, more time for me in order to  know me more.

00:34:26 John M Hicks, EA,CPA: I hello vacation time

00:35:20 Denise Mandeau:


00:37:26 Michelle Weinstein: Lily – 20 – 25 hours /week is the goal. Works 40 hours or  more now. Workaholic. Enjoy watching daughter at ballet and be at sons games. Be  more present. Instead of always thinking of work. Leave work at work! Revenue  $200-$250k. Goal double revenue and $500k & work part time. Additional money   – go on vacation. Went this month on vacation. Has a one way ticket to Hawaii first  of April. Has employees and wants to have staff retreats and team building. Do a  retreat in Hawaii.

00:38:51 Jackie: My situation is very unstable right now, as I am the primary caretaker for  my elderly Mom. I am here for knowledge to implement if and when my situation  stabilizes.

00:38:57 Jackie: Am I excluded here?

00:41:07 Heyer, Inc.: 100%

00:41:09 John M Hicks, EA,CPA: yes

00:41:25 Jackie: yes

00:41:25 victorurena: Agree

00:41:32 John M Hicks, EA,CPA: yes , yes

00:42:31 John M Hicks, EA,CPA: that’s us

00:43:04 Tom Hawbaker CPA: I want to convert to a subscription pricing model. Have you  helped others do that?

00:45:14 Lily Tran, EA, CTC: When I first talked to Michelle, that was all me because of my  confidence level. I learned the right clients will pay me higher fees. I went from  charging $197 per hour to $300 for 50 min plus value pricing too.

00:49:33 Heyer, Inc.: 1) Analytical 2) Able to explain a complex topic and dumb it down

00:50:10 John M Hicks, EA,CPA: I don’t have a mic here

00:50:26 victorurena: I am a detail oriented individual.

00:50:40 Denise Mandeau: no problem @john you can just type it our

00:50:44 Jackie: 32 years IRS experience in various parts of the organization which leads to  knowledge in resolution situations.

00:50:59 Heyer, Inc.: you sound smart 🙂

00:51:04 Jackie: I am analytical and am a sympathetic listener.

00:51:12 John M Hicks, EA,CPA: ability to make people feel comfortable

00:51:55 Michelle Weinstein: Lily – personable, trustworthy, background in diff industries  (non profit/health fitness, out of comfort zone

00:53:48 Michelle Weinstein: Lily – community builder / connect people, social work,  mortgage and being able to connect with prospects.

00:54:43 John M Hicks, EA,CPA: yes

00:54:49 Heyer, Inc.: yep

00:54:58 victorurena: yes

00:55:17 Jackie: Yes. Rather intimidating!

00:55:33 Michelle Weinstein: Lily – published 2 books, recognized as top fav accountant in  WA state.  Forbes, Bloomberg. Gets tons over referral. She gets 100 referrals a  year! Learned to say NO! Connect with a lot of professionals.

00:55:55 Jackie: Lily’s list is amazing!

00:57:19 Lily Tran, EA, CTC: I have over 50+ testimonial on my Google review.

01:01:05 Heyer, Inc.: 10K per year

01:01:09 Heyer, Inc.: that was my time

01:03:10 Michelle Weinstein: Undergrad – Time – 4 years  – $40k of tuition. Time invested  was like a full time job ~ 2080 hours * $20 = $166k

01:03:43 Heyer, Inc.: lets say 1K?

01:05:07 Michelle Weinstein: EA – Investment $1k – Studying passed w/in 5 months. ~20  hours a week * 5 * $20 = $100k

01:08:00 Michelle Weinstein: Certifications: Certified Tax Coach = $8k – Hours = 3 days * 8  hrs (24 hours)  + 10 hours for 12 months (120 hours)  * $197= $28k

01:09:24 Denise Mandeau: How many of you have to do 40 hours of CE credits a year? times  # of years times hourly rate

01:10:33 Michelle Weinstein: 6 years in Biz + 20 years in industry = full time = 26 years in  total * $40/hour * 2080 = $2.1M

01:12:15 Michelle Weinstein: Weekly research – 10 hours * $35 * 52 = $18k

01:14:26 Michelle Weinstein: EA – CPE –  50 hours a year. Investment = $4k , 7 years ,  hourly $35 /hour. = $12k + $28k = $40k

01:15:40 Michelle Weinstein: CPE – $40k, Research $18k, Career $2.1M, Certification  $28k, Studying EA $100k, Undergrad $166k.

01:15:57 Heyer, Inc.: 2,440,000 – so far

01:16:54 Michelle Weinstein: Read/Podcast – weekly – 5 hours a week * 52 weeks per year –  *$35. = $9k

01:19:33 Lily Tran, EA, CTC: Here’s the book collaboration with other tax pros and financial  professionals: https://www.amazon.com/Most-Common-Mistakes

01:19:51 John M Hicks, EA,CPA: never thought of the costs that way

01:19:58 Heyer, Inc.: where did the money go?? Certainly worth more than I expected

01:20:10 Jackie: I wouldn’t have ever thought to put a value on CPEs and reading to keep up  on trends

01:20:16 Bernellc: The cost of all the education and experience that I never considered.

01:20:45 John M Hicks, EA,CPA: you dribble it out over a period of time and it adds up

01:20:57 Tom Hawbaker CPA: CPE and previous certifications

01:20:58 victorurena: Very impressive!

01:21:36 Denise Mandeau: time learning about all of the new tax law changes every year

01:22:15 Michelle Weinstein: iam@thepitchqueeen.com

01:24:59 Michelle Weinstein: less than 100 clients.

01:25:23 Michelle Weinstein: Ind. vs Biz. = 95% are biz & 5% are ind.

01:26:39 Michelle Weinstein: $1500 – biz is starting. $500 for ind.

01:26:47 Heyer, Inc.: wow!!! Love those numbers

01:26:57 Michelle Weinstein: $2995/$3000 for biz for Lilly and $995 for Ind.

01:30:15 Lily Tran, EA, CTC: Thank you so much! This is very helpful! I’m going to sell a tax  planning package. I will watch the replay later.

01:33:44 John M Hicks, EA,CPA: best way to communicate to clients

01:33:55 Jackie: How far in advance do you notify them about the increase?

01:34:24 Heyer, Inc.: Yes Jackie, how far in advance?

01:34:26 John M Hicks, EA,CPA: yes

01:34:30 Jackie: yes

01:34:32 victorurena: Thank you so much!

01:35:04 Heyer, Inc.: I do

01:35:11 John M Hicks, EA,CPA: no

01:35:12 victorurena: I do

01:35:14 Terri Palmer: no.

01:35:14 Jackie: I do, and some overdue invoices

01:36:16 Heyer, Inc.: Nope

01:36:20 victorurena: no

01:36:22 Jackie: No

01:36:34 Jackie: no

01:36:34 Heyer, Inc.: Nope, nope, nope

01:36:40 victorurena: no

01:38:26 Heyer, Inc.: yep

01:38:37 Heyer, Inc.: am looking at my AR…not happy 🙁

01:38:51 Michelle Weinstein: what’s your A/R?

01:39:44 Heyer, Inc.: 67K

01:40:47 victorurena: I will hire for more help in my office.

01:46:33 Denise Mandeau: Who wants all of that?

01:47:24 Heyer, Inc.: all the time

01:47:42 Heyer, Inc.: is that an annual fee?

01:48:50 Heyer, Inc.: that is assuming ofcourse they have all the docs

01:49:16 Heyer, Inc.: yes

01:49:16 John M Hicks, EA,CPA: yes

01:49:22 victorurena: Yes

01:52:19 Michelle Weinstein: 1040 – Deadline by March 15, 2023. – Invoice $795!

01:54:16 Michelle Weinstein: Late/Rush Fees will be applied March 16 @12:01am – April 7th  @ 11:59pm. $595 Late/Rush Fee.

01:55:55 Michelle Weinstein: Anything submitted on April 8th 12:01 – They will get put on  extension for non compliance + $995 extension fee. That’s on top of the invoice  that was already paid of the $795.

01:56:52 victorurena: Does it matter the client’s  income level?

01:57:38 victorurena: Thanks

02:01:56 Denise Mandeau: For your 1 hour business consulting session please click on this link theabundantaccountant.com/application


02:02:25 Denise Mandeau: theabundantaccountant.com/application

02:02:33 John M Hicks, EA,CPA: yes, I do

02:03:07 Michelle Weinstein: categorize in 3 tranches – Ralf

02:08:10 Heyer, Inc.: nope, looking forward to our call

02:10:03 victorurena: Thank you, i will hear again the recording , and then i will definitely will  need your Help.

02:10:21 John M Hicks, EA,CPA: how much we’ve invested in ourselves

02:10:39 Denise Mandeau: We would love to support you Victor! Please take advantage of booking a call with us

02:10:54 Claudine Phillip: Biggest take away is knowing what I’m worth

02:10:59 Jackie: The biggest thing is that there is a systematic way to value yourself

02:11:16 Denise Mandeau: Beautiful Jackie!

02:12:39 Heyer, Inc.: nope

02:12:48 Denise Mandeau: Thank you all!

02:12:51 Heyer, Inc.: Thank you Michelle and Denise, have a wonderful weekend 🙂

02:13:09 Jackie: Thank you for this presentation!

02:13:22 Denise Mandeau: Our pleasure to serve you all

02:13:28 victorurena: My fees is so low , that will work on raising my fees tomorrow. Thank  you so much, i really enjoy so much. the presentation

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