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ACCOUNTANTS: What happens when you finally decide to stop giving away advice for free and build an accounting practice full of premium clients who eagerly pay you what you’re worth?

Our Accountant Sales Course graduates have used our proven techniques to:

✓ add $10k to $50k in additional revenue every month!

✓ work LESS hours with only high quality clients!

✓ turn price shoppers into paying customers!

Mary owned her worth, started going after the right clients, and earned an additional $55,000 in eight weeks!!

Watch my interview with Mary, who shares how she stopped accepting anything less than she is worth,  reduced her stress, and work with FEWER clients while making MORE MONEY.

Wendi closed the money leaks in her business and was able to 10x her revenues for her services!!

Wendi was able to push out of her comfort zone to change the things that weren’t working for her, and allowed her to implement a new process so she could connect with clients, stop doing work for free, and increase revenues on her services.

Peter boosted his confidence and saw an increase of $50,000 in revenue in only two months!

Watch my interview with Peter, who shares how he stopped giving away his expertise for free and took back control of his sales process….and now has complete freedom to choose who he will (and won’t!) work with in his practice.

Luke learned how to streamline his sales process to get a fast YES from high-quality clients!

Watch my interview with Luke to see the new way he connects with potential clients and how he learned to handle objections with ease, resulting in a faster YES and more revenue!

Kate earned back her investment in one week and saw her confidence go through the roof!

Watch my interview with Kate to hear how she found her confidence and completely changed the way she thinks about sales and the work she does to help her clients!

John discovered how to design the practice he’s always wanted and finally started charging his full value!

Watch my interview with John to hear about all of his “lightbulb moments” and how he’s taking what he learned to create the business he’s always wanted!

Alexis gained confidence, learned her worth, and increased revenues by $20,000 in just two months!

Watch my interview with Alexis to hear how she increased revenue by $20,000 in just a few months by changing how she views “selling” in her practice and learning a new way to talk to clients!

Heath learned how to easily connect with his clients and get them to take action – sometimes during the FIRST meeting!

Watch my interview with Heath to hear how he has redefined what SALES means to him and fine-tuned his sales skills, and how he has increased revenues by connecting with potential clients and closing deals FAST!

Alexsey learned to not be afraid, take risks with new prospects, and finally started charging what he’s worth!

Watch my interview with Alexsey to learn how he’s become more confident quoting higher fees and charging what he’s worth, and being confident that his clients will pay every time!
I no longer fear the word sales!”

I no longer fear the word “sales” because I am helping clients by sharing my knowledge with them. This frame of mind has been monumental and it has transformed our confidence and practice thanks to Michelle. We are having different conversations with our clients and prospects without the fear of rejection and completing her 8 week sales mastery training is the reason why. I am thankful for personally working with Michelle and her dedication to helping us succeed!

Carmen M. Peters, MST, CPA, CTC

“It was the best sales course I ever attended!”

I am not a salesperson. I love to help my clients and provide them with the high level of service. The course taught me how to sell without selling, how to serve clients with more value, how to gain confidence, how to deliver quality vs quantity, how to deal with objections, how to define an ideal client and set the boundaries, how to present myself at the networking events and such. The list goes on and on. The course is a MUST for everyone interested in increasing their business bottom line. Thank you, Michelle and Denise! You are amazing!

Luba Milgram, EA

“If you feel undervalued and underpaid, this sales course will give you the power to take back the ownership of your firm and your life!”

Having previous sales experience, I thought taking the course I would not really benefit much by taking the course because I know I can sell. Well, The Pitch Queen team taught that selling on a personal level in the accounting profession was a skill I needed to develop. If you feel undervalued and underpaid, this sales course will give you the power to take back the ownership of your firm and your life. I found when I stopped lying to myself, I could take back my life and start getting paid what I was worth. In addition, by setting boundaries in my firm I’m now able to get my life back. It’s a win for my clients and a win for my family. Thanks Michelle, the additional revenue will allow me to experience my dreams.

Ira Williams

“I learned so much from this course!”

I learned so much from this course. The course has been full of well thought out step by step instructions and exceptionally practical tools to use for our interaction with prospects/clients. It totally helped boost my confidence and I can’t wait to apply what I learned to my day-to-day operation when the busy season is over!

Lauren Park, CPA, CTC, MSc

“Anybody selling high-value services should work with Michelle!”

Going into meetings with clients or prospects is a lot easier than it used to be, and Michelle makes the process really easy. She’s really good to work with. To me, having Michelle as a resource really makes me feel like I’m not alone. I know I can reach out to her and that’s also really valuable. I think that anybody selling high-value services should work with Michelle. Obviously, I’m in my particular industry but anybody in a service area, Michelle is going be able to help them and I encourage it. Whatever you charge, we’re worth many times it. This has truly been transformative for our business. To look at how we do things and how we think about things today versus even a couple of months ago, it’s a dramatic difference and I have Michelle to thank for it.

Marc Schnoll

“I saw positive results right away!”

Having worked in sales enablement at a Fortune 100 company where I facilitated a great deal of sales training, I was not sure how much value I would get out of the CPA Sales Course. As it turns out, I was very pleased with how helpful, practical, and contextualized the sales training was. It gave me some specific tools and strategies to immediately improve my sales conversations with prospective clients. I saw positive results right away, both in the quality of my sales conversations and in converting the prospects that fit our business best. If you need a proven process for qualifying and converting prospects that you can actually implement for your tax planning CPA firm, I highly recommend The Pitch Queen.

Mark N. Tuggle, Ph.D.

“The course already paid for itself!”

I believe taking this sales class has set me apart from most of the other CPAs out there. I learned how to listen more to the client and understand what he or she values and their pain. I am able to help them reach their goals with a great understanding of where they are at and where they want to be. The sales class has already paid for itself and I expect to use the techniques to continue to increase my closing rate.

Matthew Leonard, CPA, CTC

“Michelle and Denise helped push me out of my comfort zone to get a different result than I’ve been getting for decades!”

Michelle and Denise helped push me out of my comfort zone to get a different result than I’ve been getting for decades. We developed a custom, non-salesy, sales process. I now guide prospects to sell themselves on my services for fees far above any amount I’ve considered charging in the past. The support, direction, and feedback The Pitch Queen gave was beyond my expectations.

Wendi S. Hall, CPA, IAR

Disclaimer: Results of using my program may vary and testimonials are not meant to represent typical results. All testimonials are real, and the users pictures and videos described have taken one or more of my courses. However, these results are meant as a showcase of what the ideal clients have experienced and should not be taken as average or typical results. Individual results will vary and are not guaranteed.

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