Unlock the secrets to growing a profitable accounting firm with less stress.


Unlock the secrets to growing a profitable accounting firm with less stress.

5 Steps My Clients Use to 3X Their Base Fees and Revenue in Their Accounting Firm (Without Working Harder or Taking on New Clients) 

In this free masterclass you will learn:
  • How my clients get paid first and upfront, without ever having to chase clients down for payments and having accounts receivables ever again
  • How my clients eliminate chaos and mental clutter, so they can regain the excitement they have for their work while permanently eliminating burnout
  • Why compromising on price is NOT a good strategy to getting the best, loyal, appreciative clients and how the accountants I work with gain high-paying clients without caving in and discounting their fees!

→ How to Connect with the High-Level Clients You Really Want to Work With

→ How to Communicate Your Value and Collect Higher Fees with Confidence

→ How to Stop Feeling Like You Have to Give Away Your Expertise for Free

→ How to Be Paid What You’re Worth and Earn More While Working Less

→ How to Finally Be Appreciated for the Work You Do For Your Clients




Find out how other accounting professionals have added $10-$15K per month to their practices!

The sales training has been a big win for us. We now have a systematic, efficient process to qualify leads and turn them into clients. We know how to evaluate leads and only take the ones who meet our velvet rope policies. And we’ve learned how to connect with the client emotionally and offer a solution that solves their problems – instead of approaching client engagements from a one-size-fits-all mentality. Thank you Pitch Queen!

– Luke K. Gheen, MBA, CPA

The class was able to reduce my closing time on sales from 6 weeks down to 3 weeks. My goal is not to “Get a Sale” anymore. Now I am working toward leading a prospect to a “definite yes or a definite no.” And I am very selective on which clients I want to work with; If they are not my “Ideal” client, I can comfortably refer them to another CPA/EA who is ideal for them.

– Heath Walters, CPA, CTC

I am not a salesperson. I love to help my clients and provide them with the high level of service. The course taught me how to sell without selling, how to serve clients with more value, how to gain confidence, how to deliver quality vs quantity, how to deal with objections, how to define an ideal client and set the boundaries, how to present myself at the networking events and such. The list goes on and on. The course is a MUST for everyone interested in increasing their business bottom line. Thank you, Michelle and Denise! You are amazing!

– Luba Milgram, EA

*Results Not Guaranteed

Disclaimer: Results of using my program may vary and testimonials are not meant to represent typical results. All testimonials are real, and the users pictures and videos described have taken one or more of my courses. However, these results are meant as a showcase of what the ideal clients have experienced and should not be taken as average or typical results. Individual results will vary and are not guaranteed.

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