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I've invested in a lot of other programs that didn’t work. How will this work for me?

We completely get how you feel and Other accountants, CPAS, EAS and tax pros we’ve worked with have come to us feeling the same way (just like David, Erin, and Amani.) Here’s what I have found to be true and it’s really interesting: 

Most accountants and tax pros have invested in information only (how to do something) vs investing in transformation and human support. With information only, you will hit a block (and we all have books and programs that we bought and didn’t finish!) Information alone does not lead to transformation or lasting results. 

Our program provides the expert support and community you need to get you past your fears and limiting beliefs, stay focused on your goals, and hold your hand step-by-step as you implement our Abundant Accountant System. We provide the proper support to help you identify what’s stopping you, give you the confidence to go after what you want, and hold you accountable to your goals. 

We also must say that you get out what you put in. But if you fully commit to this program, you WILL transform your firm and your life. 

I’ve been running my firm the same way for X number of years. Is it going to be hard to change?

We know that learning new things can be scary and that building a highly profitable firm takes effort and commitment, but that doesn’t mean it has to be hard. We hold your hand every step of the way, and we do everything we can to make this process FUN. Even if it’s a challenge in the beginning, it’s well worth it in the end. 

We also know that if you’re here right now it means that what you’ve been doing hasn’t been working. Burning yourself out, not being paid what you’re worth, resenting your work and your clients, and sacrificing your personal life with no end in sight is what’s hard. 

I have a lead problem. How will you help me generate leads?
Often when accountants and tax firm owners first come to me, they think they have a lead problem. But a hard truth is that most of the time they actually have a connection and conversion problem. This means they don’t have a problem getting leads, they just have a problem turning leads into high paying clients. As an accounting or tax firm owner, you may not feel like a natural salesperson or that you’re the best at communicating what you have to offer, and that’s ok because nobody ever taught you this!

We’ve figured out exactly how firm owners can communicate their packages and pricing with confidence to their current and potential clients, resulting in high-paying clients. We teach our clients how to position their packages so that clients understand the enormous value you bring to the table, are 100% confident they’ll get results, and are sure you are the only one who they should work with and so of course they will gladly pay you whatever you charge.

Plus, many of our clients have doubled their revenues with their current client base only, and didn’t even have to get any new leads or clients to transform their firm!

If you still want to generate more leads, we will also show you how to streamline your entire system so that new ideal leads come to you on a regular basis without any extra work.

Should I wait until tax season is over to do this? I’m worried I won’t have the time.

We know it may seem like taking something else on during tax season is impossible, but this is actually the BEST TIME to take our program because you can start implementing what you learn immediately and see immediate results like increased revenues, reduced workload, and lower stress levels.

Many of our students have done this during or right before tax season with amazing results like Tara, Ira,  Marc, Carmen, Linda, Shawna and Jody & Marion.

The time is NOW. There is never a good time to do anything, but we always make time for the things that are important…and we know there is nothing more important than your life, your health, your family, your livelihood, and your happiness. 


How much is this going to cost me?

First, we want to talk to you to make sure that we can actually help you and that you are a good fit for our program (because not everyone is). We only invite people in who are comitted and ready to change their firm ASAP. At the end of our call, we’ll share all of the details with you including the cost if we believe we’re a good fit to work together. Most of our clients make back their investment (and more!) within a few weeks of starting our program.

What is the time commitment? I’m already stretched too thin as it is.
This is an 8-week course. There are training videos to watch, homework to complete, and a coaching call each week. The time it takes varies, but our students average x number of hours each week.

We know this may sound like a lot, but we also only work with firm owners who are dedicated and committed to transforming their firm and their life. The time commitment is actually quite small when you consider everything that is gained. Graduates of our program have more time and financial freedom, have reduced workload, increases revenues, go on long overdue vacations, and more.

I have no idea what to charge. Will this help me?
Most likely, you are not charging the fees that you want to charge or you don’t even have a set fee structure and you’re just winging it with every client. We’ve found that the root causes of this is not having a clear picture of the value you truly bring to your clients.

We’ve discovered a simple and precise exercise that all of our firm owners use at the beginning of our program to figure out EXACTLY what they should be charging so that they not only feel valued and confident in their pricing, but they can stop burning themselves out working too much for too little.

Our students often say was the most valuable and impactful part of the course.

I have a coworker/assistant/employee. Can they take the course with me?

YES! We’ve had many firm owners go through the program with an assistant, employee, or colleague, and even had entire teams do the training together! You can hear more about their experiences here

This is an amazing opportunity to take your firm to the next level, get everyone on the same page, and support each other where it counts. We also offer special pricing when you join together. 

I feel like I am going to just have to give up and get a job soon. Will this help me?

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I’m still at a job and only have a firm on the side. Can this help me?

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Some of our loyal clients have been with us for years. Will we lose them?

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I hate sales! How will this help me?
So many accounting and firm owners come to us feeling like this, and we get it! Nobody ever taught you sales, and most of us think that selling is sleazy and manipulative.

Here at The Abundant Accountant, we believe that sales is a skill that can be learned, and that we are the best in the world at teaching accountants and tax firm owners how to do it in a way that feels easy and natural. We also give you a simple step-by-step process that will take all the guesswork out of sales and give you more confidence than you ever thought possible when it comes to selling your services (at any price you choose).

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