What happens when you finally decide to stop giving away advice for free and build an practice full of premium clients who eagerly pay you what you’re worth?

Our Sales Mastery Course graduates have used our proven techniques to:

✓ Add $10k to $50k in additional revenue every month!

✓ Eliminate burnout and get their personal life back!

✓ Work LESS hours with only high quality clients!

✓ Turn price shoppers into paying customers!

✓ Double their firm revenues (or more)!

Testimonials & Success Stories from Abundant Accountant Bookkeepers

Ross TRIPLED his rates and his MRR is up $4000!!

Danielle replaced her 1040 business with monthly bookkeeping revenue!

Belita now feels confident and EXCITED to share her prices!

Teri made an additional $8K from existing clients while working LESS!

Diana has the confidence to charge more and overcome objections!

Shawnna stopped waiting for the “right time” and took action!

Mindy increased monthly bookkeeping income by $9K!

Alicia went from chaos in her firm to alleviating a TON of mental clutter!

“My rates are almost triple what they were before and my monthly recurring revenue is up $4000!”

Before Michelle taught me better ways, my sales process was a mess and I was always stressed about how to keep my firm growing. One of my worst habits came from a lack of confidence around pricing: I would often tell a prospect our rate and then immediately try to explain or justify it, already sure they wouldn’t like it. Now, after the course, I no longer downplay the value of our work and can speak about our pricing with confidence! My rates are almost triple what they were before and my monthly recurring revenue is up $4000! I highly recommend this course to other bookkeepers and Profit First Professionals.


Ross Loveland

I’ve increased my revenue over $5,500 in just the last 2 months!

Before I started the 8 Week Sales Mastery Program I was struggling with the decision to go back to the workforce or to start my own business after I lost my job due to Covid 19. I was nervous and scared about the sales process because I had tried to go out on my own a couple of times in years past, but I didn’t find success because I couldn’t make a connection with potential clients. I have recently tried a few other programs, but they only provided a few tips and this didn’t help me get to the next level. When I saw this program I thought maybe this will work where others hadn’t, but I wasn’t sure. I scheduled a call to find out and I sure am glad I did! What a difference this program has made! I have identified my ideal client and I know how to connect with them on a level where they are happy to pay me what I’m worth and pay me in full, in advance! I no longer give discounts and I’ve increased my revenue over $5,500 in just the last 2 months! So, no more JOB for me! Going forward I know I have the tools and support to achieve even bigger revenue goals and be the creator of a successful firm and the owner of my own destiny!


Lissa B. Harris-Suazo


Maureen discovered her value and now feels paid AND appreciated!

Stacy feels empowered to share what she has to offer and charge for it!

Lissa identified her ideal client AND added $5500 in 8 weeks!

Debbie earned $35k in additional revenue in 90 days!

Kelly stopped putting herself on sale and no longer fears hearing a NO!


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Disclaimer: Results of using my program may vary and testimonials are not meant to represent typical results. All testimonials are real, and the users pictures and videos described have taken one or more of my courses. However, these results are meant as a showcase of what the ideal clients have experienced and should not be taken as average or typical results. Individual results will vary and are not guaranteed.

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