Why Accountants Should Have A Sales System | Episode 12

Are you feeling burnt out? Do you take on every accounting client prospect that comes your way?

It’s time to stop the hamster wheel and step into high-end, premium offerings for your accounting clients.

In this episode, Peter Freuler joins us on The Abundant Accountant Podcast to share his story of taking on every single client that came in the door, to recognizing that narrowing his focus and only serving a specific niche, will help his topline revenue.

Peter started his firm 13 years ago, and for years he believed that the best way to serve his clients was to offer every service under the sun. This led to problems, Peter’s bottom line wasn’t growing, some of his clients would leave and disappear after the initial meeting, and Peter couldn’t find qualified staff for everything he wanted to fulfill on for his clients.

When Peter finally decided to zero in and focus on a specific type of client, in May of 2018, his revenue increased about 20%.

It might be hard to believe, but by creating a sales system that all prospects must go through, you are saving yourself time by not working with less than ideal clients, and you’ll be able to start charging top dollar for your services.

Peter shares his personal journey from having NO sales system to a high-functioning, ever revolving sales system, THAT WORKS!

If you’re ready to work with dream clients, only do tasks that you enjoy doing, and increase your revenue, then this episode of The Abundant Accountant Podcast is a MUST LISTEN!

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Here are a few key secrets we talked about in this episode:

  • Michelle introduces Peter Freuler.
  • Peter introduces himself and shares a little bit about himself and his firm.
  • When Peter first began his firm, he did not have a sales system in place. He followed the method, that if someone called them to work with his team, they’d take you on, no matter what your needs were.
  • Peter’s and his team had NO way of identifying whether someone was a good client for them or not.
  • It took Peter 10 years to begin making changes with his firm. He was fearful of losing what he had, by making new changes in his business and not taking on any and all clients.
  • Peter and Michelle discuss the effect a scarcity mindset can have on your accounting business.
  • Peter’s and his team went through and analyzed different industries, personalities of potential clients, and profitability to determine what kind of clients they wanted to work with.
  • When you work on and focus on your value and your worth, you are more likely to stick to the boundaries you set for yourself and your clients.
  • Peter talks about what it’s like to turn clients away, once you identify who you should be working with.
  • By narrowing their niche, Peter and his team are now able to bring in their ideal clients and charge a higher premium price for their services. Being a one-stop-shop isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
  • Peter provides 3 tips that newer accounting professionals can use to avoid the mistakes Peter made.
  • Accounting professionals tend to think in systems and in getting the work done for their clients, they don’t often think sales are integrated with running the practice. Peter explained how he made the shift from this way of thinking.
  • Taking a potential client through your sales process is SO important, to ensure they’re an ideal fit.
  • Peter shares the sales process he and his team use.
  • When Peter put a sales process in place, his business completely changed. He went from being able to just offer commodity type services to offering premium high-priced services. The same would be true for you and your firm!
  • When Peter and his team redid their sales process in May of 2018, they’ve seen a topline growth of $65K, as of his interview in August of 2018.
  • If Peter had made the shift to a sales process sooner, his revenue would be more than double what he is making now.
  • Peter shares one last quality piece of advice. Tune in to hear it!

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