Do you know how to say no when a prospect isn’t a a good fit, or are you taking on every single accounting prospect that walks through the door ? It’s time to step into the abundant life you’re working so hard for, it’s time to start turning down unqualified clients.

I know this probably feels pretty scary.

Having valuable income from clients is necessary, but what if I told you if you removed all of your less than ideal clients from your client roster, you’d be opening yourself up to bigger and better accounting opportunities?

In this episode, I’m sharing the 3 steps accounting professionals can use to turn down any unqualified client that comes there way. Plus, I’m sharing some BONUS tips that are sure to help increase your abundance, if you start taking action now!

If you’re ready to start opening yourself to new and exciting opportunities by turning unqualified clients, then this episode of The Abundant Accountant Podcast is a MUST LISTEN!

As an accountant I know your goal is to lead an abundant life, while also working less. The first thing you need to do is start turning down unqualified clients. Read THIS BLOG POST to learn exactly how to do it!

Here are a few key secrets we talked about in this episode:

  • Michelle introduces this episode’s topic.
  • Learning how to say no to clients who are less than ideal will increase your value and worth.
  • The first step is knowing when to say NO to a client. Michelle shares how you know.
  • Luke is a CPA that Michelle has worked with. He has very specific stipulations for when he’s going to take a client on, and if the client isn’t willing to meet those stipulations, Luke will happily refer them to someone who is a better fit.
  • No more discounts! If a client keeps asking for a discount, it’s time to turn them away. They will NOT be an ideal client.
  • Another reason it would be good to turn away a client is if you’ve already overcommitted yourself. Take a step back before you can’t deliver on what you’ve promised.
  • Michelle shares an example from one of her clients who was working with a truck driver that wanted to save money on taxes, but wasn’t doing the work needed to save the money. Tune in to hear the story!
  • When it comes to say NO, there’s a graceful way of doing it.
  • If you’re letting a client know that you NO longer want to work with them, be transparent. Explain why they’re not a good fit.
  • After telling a client NO, you must stick to your word, you cannot change your mind.
  • Remember, that you never ever want to burn a bridge. There are times when some clients will come back down the road, and then be an ideal client. You don’t want to ruin that opportunity.
  • The next step is knowing WHY you’re saying NO. It doesn’t do you or your client favors to keep them on if they aren’t an ideal client for you.
  • Saying NO to opportunities that aren’t the perfect fit will open up space for opportunities that are perfect.
  • Telling a client NO is a great way to save yourself from working with P.I.T.A. client.
  • Just as much as a prospects thinking about IF they want to hire you, YOU need to decide IF you want to work with THEM.
  • When telling a prospect NO, be sure to decline with gratitude. To learn what this means, you must listen to this episode!
  • The final tip that Michelle shares is to ensure that you position yourself as the expert. The potential client sitting in front of you doesn’t know as much as you do about accounting. Own that expert status.

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