The 4 Best Ways to Attract High Net Worth Clients for Your Accounting Firm

Have you ever dreamt about having a firm where you work with your dream, high net worth clients AND make MORE money? This dream can be a reality!

Dominique Molina has long been passionate about helping small businesses pay less tax. Unlike other CPAs, her practice, beyond annual tax return preparation, also emphasizes on proactive tax planning strategies to help small businesses leverage the tax laws in the same way that large corporations and the wealthy do. Unsatisfied with bringing her tax-savings approach only to clients in her own practice that she could reach, she created a company that trains and certifies CPAs to develop special expertise in tax planning in accordance with her own high standards for advisory excellence and tax reduction goals. The result is a growing network of CPAs who are successfully reaching some 90,000 small businesses throughout the country.

Molina’s mission to save clients from overpaying their taxes led in 2009 to her founding The American Institute of Certified Tax Planners (AICTP), a company she presides over as CEO. Certified Tax Planners are a leading group of tax professionals who are specially trained in the art of long term, proactive tax planning. AICTP trains and certifies CPAs to develop special expertise in tax planning, and it provides ongoing education, information, and other resources for accountants, advisors, and small business owners. Molina and the company provide a valuable service to the small business community, because AICTP member CPAs, as proactive tax planners, are advising their business owner clients throughout the year on strategies to minimize their annual tax liability by putting tax laws to work for them. By capitalizing on the wealth of tax-saving resources in the U.S. tax code, she and they are helping small businesses pay less tax in April, and retain more revenues for growth.

Are you an accountant that is ready to work with fewer clients, working fewer hours but making MORE MONEY by working with individuals who have a large amount of total assets? Then this episode of The Abundant Accountant Podcast is a MUST LISTEN!

Have you ever wondered how some accountants can work with only 26 clients and gross over 7 figures in revenue? In THIS BLOG POST I’m showing you how you can begin attracting your high net worth clients!

Here are a few key secrets we talked about in this episode:

  • Michelle Introduces Dominique Molina and her business.
  • Dominique shares that she currently only serves 26 clients, but that they are all high net worth clients! Her business strategy helps her attract the type of clients that she wants!
  • Everyone wants high net worth clients, but there is an art to attracting them! So many accountants and CPAs don’t realize it, but their behavior may be repelling the clients that they desperately want to attract.
  • Dominique shares three ways that you may be repelling these clients, and four ways to attract high net worth clients.
  • Repellant #1: You don’t offer a high enough value service.
  • What sets you apart from every other accountant/bookkeeper/CPA out there? If you don’t have a high-value offer, you don’t have something to pull them in!
  • Value is about the end results; what someone is getting from you!
  • Repellant #2: You don’t have your ideal market identified.
  • Most accountants start their own firm, and their ideal client is anyone with a heartbeat and breathing! However, that changes when you realize that you want to define your income and hours.
  • Knowing what kind of person you want to serve helps you to sell effectively to them.
  • If you want high net worth clients, you have to KNOW them, so that you can identify them when you see them.
  • Don’t know your ideal client? Reverse engineer them! Get to know everything about them. Learn what those ultra high net worth individuals want!
  • Repellant #3: you don’t know how your ideal client makes buying decisions.
  • If you’re selling a $25,000 services package, a $25 off coupon will not appeal to these high net worth clients. These high net worth clients rely on relationships, so that they can get to know and trust the value that you have to offer. Once you understand how they purchase, you can lead with that value.
  • There are four things that you can do to attract these high net worth clients.
  • Attraction #1: have a high-value offering. If you serve a specific niche and save them 6 figures in taxes each year, that is a high-value offer that sets you apart from all other accountants.
  • Attraction #2: know your ideal market.
  • Attraction #3: know how your ideal client makes purchasing decisions, and adjust accordingly.
  • Make sure that your words match what you’re portraying: if you’re bringing a high-value proposition to your client, they will research you, so don’t have a $25 coupon on your site to entice the low-level client.
  • Attraction #4: Know where your ideal clients are; what conferences they attend, what their needs are. Once you know them, and know who they are and how to reach them, you can serve them effectively.
  • Should I give away advice for free? NO! You do not have to give away your work for free.
  • Many accountants give a free consultation and offer incredible value during that consult to “prove” their worth. You do not have to give away knowledge for free. Ask smart questions that prove your worth, and charge for a follow-up strategy session.
  • Don’t be alone; don’t be a lone wolf. Find someone who markets to the same type of client, and win together!

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