The Best Ways for Accountants to Get Referral Clients | Episode 10

How often do you ask your current happy client for a referral? Do you sit around hoping that they’ll just send people your way?

It’s time to change your thought process… Referral clients are GOLD!

Receiving referrals from current, happy clients also increases the chances that the referral will choose to enroll with you and your services. People are more likely to buy from people they know, like and trust.

When a referral is sent to you, it’s coming from a trusted source. The individual is more likely to want to work with you one-on-one.

However, referrals will only come your way if you are direct and ask for them from your current clients.

In this episode of The Abundant Accountant podcast, Michelle shares The Pitch Queen’s top four ways to get a constant flow of referrals without having to waste lots of time or money.

(There might even be a BONUS tip for you!)

If you’re sick of spending money on marketing materials that rarely get used, then it’s time to start asking for referrals! This episode of The Abundant Accountant Podcast is a MUST LISTEN!

Are you overflowing with happy clients? That’s great! But, how often do you ask those clients for referrals? If you’re curious about the best way to ask, click here to read this blog post!

Here are a few key secrets we talked about in this episode:

  • Michelle shares why referral clients are like GOLD to your firm.
  • When Michelle started asking for referrals she did not clarify the type of client she wanted to work with, so she was getting referrals that were less than ideal clients. It’s important to clarify WHO you want to work with when asking for referrals.
  • The number one best way to ask for referrals is to be sincere and direct.
  • Many accountants say they’re too busy to ask for referrals after they’ve finished the work for a client, but if you take the time to schedule it in your calendar and then actually do the work to ask for the referral, your accounting firm is going to start exploding with business.
  • “For every single client that you made happy, but you never asked for the referral, you’re missing a HUGE opportunity. It’s what I call, the opportunity cost.” ~ The Pitch Queen
  • The second best way to ask for referrals is to have an incentive in place or a referral program, where if a referral comes to you and enrolls as a client, you reward the referrer for sending the individual your way.
  • Referral gifts can vary, Michelle provides several great suggestions in this episode!
  • The third best way to bring in referral clients can be explained with an acronym… K.I.S.S. This means, Keep It Simple Stupid.
  • This means having prepared email templates that you can forward to a referrer so that they can share your information, or business cards are another great example. You want your contact information to be readily available and easy to locate!
  • The fourth best way to get referrals is to stay top of mind and FOLLOW-UP.
  • You absolutely must have a follow-up system in place. Michelle briefly shares her system in this episode.
  • BONUS: The fifth best way to get referrals is to give others referrals. When you give referrals out to others, you are more likely to receive those referrals back, ten-fold.
  • “When you refer people out to others, they’re going to send you your ideal clients. It goes hand in hand.” ~ The Pitch Queen

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P.S. Referral clients are GOLD! If you’ve ever wondered how you can bring in MORE referral clients, this blog post will help! 


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