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Are you ready to enjoy a thriving accountant practice, with consistent cash flow, and clients you love working with?
Here's What You'll Learn in the Abundant Accountant Sales Mastery Training:
  • How to get more people to say YES to your services WITHOUT feeling salesy

  • How to tap into your sales superpowers to consistently close more high-paying clients
  • How to systemize your sales process to start increasing your revenues immediately
  • How to create a consistent flow of clients and referrals so you never have to worry where the next client is coming from  
  • How to take control of conversations and client questions so you never have to wing it ever again
  • How to charge what you're worth and set boundaries so you can make more money while working less
Here's what our recent graduates are saying...
“I’ve already gained a new client at $3k per month...which is an 1100% increase!”
Before investing in Michelle’s course, I felt overwhelmed by my client load and was anxious about the future of my business. I wasn’t doing the work that I had a passion for, and I certainly wasn’t charging for the value my clients were receiving from me. I had already invested thousands of dollars and countless hours on other resources that weren’t getting me any closer to where I wanted to be. I knew I had to make a change so I took a leap of blind faith and made the decision to go all in with this program. 

Compared to the other courses I had been through, Michelle’s course helped me to identify what was going wrong in my business and showed me how to make corrections to move forward. I’ve already gained a new client at $3k per month. They were only paying $250 per month before, which is an 1100% increase! At that point, I was only halfway through the course. 

Michelle’s course enabled me to identify the clients I really want to work with, and provided me with a solid sales process that gives me the confidence to know my worth and charge higher fees because of it. If you’re looking to shift from compliance work to making an impact on people’s lives, and finally feeling valued for the work that you do and getting paid for it, then I highly recommend signing up for this course! 

Erin Fox, CPA
“Within the second week of class, I collected $10,895 of my outstanding A/R!”
Before I met Michelle, I had $27,545 in receivables. I was sending past due notices but was really struggling collecting the funds we were owed. In just the first week of the Sales Mastery course and the live training I changed my focus on A/R. I completed these services and I deserved to be paid. 

I began calling clients, emailing them payment links, and texting them every 3 days. Within the second week of class, I collected $10,895 of my outstanding A/R! and now, 4 months after I started the program, I have collected 100% of my A/R. Thanks to Michelle and the 8 week Sales Mastery course, I know my worth and I am now collecting all fees upfront. I will never have to spend my time chasing payments again.  

Lynn Jones
“This allowed me to quit my corporate job six months sooner than anticipated and focus on my firm 100%!”
Before meeting Michelle I was struggling with confidently charging appropriate prices. I did not feel valued for the knowledge I have and the investments I have made toward being the best CPA with my current fees. I spent hours researching online and reading useless material. I even called a few local firms trying to figure out what they might be charging.

Once I enrolled with Michelle I had to think about my real value, and how much I had invested over the years to be an expert. This made me even more determined that I deserved more and once I learned how to appropriately work through a sales call, with Michelle’s training, I immediately began seeing results! For instance, in the first two weeks I made $2,000 more than I previously would have charged on a service I regularly provide, and have been consistent since. These wins allowed me to quit my corporate job six months sooner than anticipated and focus on my firm 100%. I’m so glad I stepped over my fears of spending money on something that wouldn’t work, because it was worth every penny. If you’re thinking about investing in your future with Michelle, just do it! 

Devin Whyte, CPA
“I increased collected revenue of over $93K during a 5 month period and monthly recurring revenue is up over $8K!”
Before Michelle's Sales Mastery course, I felt overwhelmed. My tax practice was experiencing growth but I was struggling to stay on top of the workload. I was more or less in survival mode just trying to keep other people happy. My fee structure wasn't consistent with the value I was adding and I was often working with clients that didn't align with the direction I wanted to go. I was a little scared of the idea of "sales". It felt way outside my comfort zone. 

However, enrolling in the course and applying the principles taught  has made a drastic difference. I experienced immediate success and increased collected revenue of over $93K during a 5 month period and monthly recurring revenue is up over $8K. During the tax season I've even been able to go on a vacation due to a reduced workload. I feel like I've only scratched the surface of what I'm capable of accomplishing. I highly recommend this course of action to anyone seeking to make similar changes in their life!

Peter N. Mitchell, 
“It was the best sales course I ever attended!”
I am not a salesperson. I love to help my clients and provide them with the high level of service. The course taught me how to sell without selling, how to serve clients with more value, how to gain confidence, how to deliver quality vs quantity, how to deal with objections, how to define an ideal client and set the boundaries, how to present myself at the networking events and such. The list goes on and on. The course is a MUST for everyone interested in increasing their business bottom line. Thank you, Michelle and Denise! You are amazing!

Luba Milgram, EA
“Well worth my time and money.
Michelle's 8-week Sales Mastery class is STELLAR! When you are through, you will have your very own, custom sales process to employ immediately. In addition to the sales process, you will gain confidence to accept only your ideal clients and confidence to land those ideal clients with ease and no sleaze. Michelle truly cares about your success and she will hold you accountable to achieving it. The class was amazing and well worth my time and money.

Tracy Janssen, EA, NTPI Fellow
“This sales course will give you power to take back ownership of your firm and your life!”
Having previous sales experience, I thought taking the course I would not really benefit much by taking the course because I know I can sell. Well, The Pitch Queen team taught that selling on a personal level in the accounting profession was a skill I needed to develop. If you feel undervalued and underpaid, this sales course will give you the power to take back the ownership of your firm and your life. I found when I stopped lying to myself, I could take back my life and start getting paid what I was worth. In addition, by setting boundaries in my firm I’m now able to get my life back. It’s a win for my clients and a win for my family. Thanks Michelle, the additional revenue will allow me to experience my dreams.
Ira Williams
“Thank you so much for helping me put my worth into perspective.”
I just want to thank you for the amazing journey I just spent with you. Thank you so much for helping me put my worth into perspective.  This has given me the confidence to really dig deep and talk to people about their needs, how we can help and get paid top dollar! I love having a specific system in place to lean on so I know what needs to be done next. Having it already written out in my own words makes it so natural, the jitters are gone!
Cathy J. Ramos AA, EA, PFP
Our Sales Mastery Course graduates have used our proven techniques to:
 Add $10K to $50K in additional revenue every month
 Work fewer hours with only high-quality clients
 Easily turn price shoppers into paying customers
Michelle Weinstein
Michelle is well known for teaching, guiding and mentoring entrepreneurs to grow their businesses to 8-figures and beyond.  

Her passion is helping entrepreneurs and business owners who sell high value services or programs own their value, remember their worth, and embrace the selling process with confidence. She’s living proof that if you stay in the game, success is inevitable. And it’s a message that Michelle shares with passion every day. Michelle trains accountants how to use her unique and proven system to sell more services, overcome any objection, and have a life full of abundance!

She has successfully trained CPAs how to actually and efficiently IMPLEMENT powerful techniques adding $10k to $50k in additional revenue every month. Get the free guide to learn how!
Denise Mandeau
Denise Mandeau is a Business Growth Strategist and has proven success as a Business Owner, Financial Planner and award-winning Sales professional for over 35 years. 

She has learned what it takes to produce results and has been working with professionals and sales teams over the last few years helping them to generate millions of dollars in new business. She has personally closed over $1.8 million in new business in the last 12 months! 

Denise is passionate about teaching others to learn how to sell without being salesy!
Here's What's Included
8 Live Online Course Calls
Direct coaching & Role Play with Michelle and Denise
Private Membership Area with Replays & Course Materials 
2 Bonus Follow Up Q&A Sessions
Private Facebook group with students & graduates
Accountability & support to get to the next level 
Peter boosted his confidence and saw revenues increase $50,000 in only two months!
Luke learned how to streamline his sales process to get a fast YES from high-quality clients!
Kate earned back her investment in one week and saw her confidence go through the roof!
Alexis gained confidence, learned her worth, and increased revenues by $20,000 in just two months!
Mary owned her worth, started going after the right clients, and earned an additional $55,000 in eight weeks!
Diane learned to use a sales process and was able to close a client she never could have before!
Jody and Marion earned an additional $100k in 2 months and feel happier in life, business, AND their marriage!
Ross stopped giving discounts, tripled his rates and his recurring revenue is up $4,000/month!
Ana-Barbara was able to see her firm differently and started having effortless sales conversations!
Mike stopped winging it, took control of his sales process, and finally started charging his value!
John started building natural connections and easily signed big clients without any stress!
Seasha learned the steps and mindset she never knew she needed to have a successful sales process!
Jhoslen stopped winging it and created a process that WORKS!
Cathy found the confidence to dig deep with her clients and sell with ease!
Darius learned to appreciate the true value of who he is and what he does!
Kelly stopped putting herself on sale and discovered her true worth!
Tracy stopped settling for less than her value and worth!
Amani collected over $42,000 in A/R and now gets paid up front!
Kevin quit the compliance rat race and will never do free work ever again!
David produced over $14k in additional revenue during the course!
 Lynn collected $28k in A/R and now collects all fees upfront!
Devin quit his corporate job 6 months sooner than anticipated!
 Lisa discovered her true value and completely turned her firm around!
 Tom pushed past his skepticism to thrive and grow his firm!
Tara raised her fees 200-400% and is doing the same work for more money!
Gilberto gained the confidence he needed to double ALL of his fees! 
Ben added $250K in additional revenue in only 6 months!
“I no longer fear the word sales!"
I no longer fear the word “sales” because I am helping clients by sharing my knowledge with them. This frame of mind has been monumental and it has transformed our confidence and practice thanks to Michelle. We are having different conversations with our clients and prospects without the fear of rejection and completing her 8 week sales mastery training is the reason why. I am thankful for personally working with Michelle and her dedication to helping us succeed!
Carmen M. Peters, MST, CPA, CTC
“I am getting paid what I am worth!”
After taking the class with Michelle and for the sales master program, I learned how the sales process works and I realize I was just wasting time and resources. I have to change the way I look at sales and implement everything I learned in the program. Now, my sales are growing but the most valuable part is the quality of my clients and that is allowing me to grow my business is more stable and productive ways. Thank you, Michelle, for everything. It was the best investment I made, I already recovered the investment, I am getting paid what I am worth and the best feel happy working because I feel rewarded.

Jorge Gomez
“Worth every dollar I invested!”
Michelle Weinstein is worth her value in every way possible. We know, that our success depends on our own individual desire, but what Michelle delivered outweighed any other 'sales' coaching program I have ever invested in. I've spent over $30,000 on coaches, and have received very little value in return. Sure, I got compliments, sure I was inspired, sure I had to learn through observation how to sell from stage, but what Michelle gave me was worth every dollar I invested in myself through her program. I have, now, an actual binder, actually written scripts, formulas, flowcharts, and even learned how to really deal with OBJECTIONS! The number-one block to getting a sale. She taught me how to overcome, how to gain confidence, and more importantly, to understand the real sales process. If you are a tax professional and are tired of people wanting to pay you $100 bucks here and there, invest with Michelle, because trust me, your rates will increase to match your value!  
Jonathan Bengel, 
“Anybody selling high-value services should work with Michelle!”
Going into meetings with clients or prospects is a lot easier than it used to be, and Michelle makes the process really easy. She’s really good to work with. To me, having Michelle as a resource really makes me feel like I’m not alone. I know I can reach out to her and that’s also really valuable. I think that anybody selling high-value services should work with Michelle. Obviously, I’m in my particular industry but anybody in a service area, Michelle is going be able to help them and I encourage it. Whatever you charge, we’re worth many times it. This has truly been transformative for our business. To look at how we do things and how we think about things today versus even a couple of months ago, it’s a dramatic difference and I have Michelle to thank for it.
Marc Schnoll
“Michelle and Denise helped push me out of my comfort zone to get a different result than I’ve been getting for decades!”
Michelle and Denise helped push me out of my comfort zone to get a different result than I’ve been getting for decades. We developed a custom, non-salesy, sales process. I now guide prospects to sell themselves on my services for fees far above any amount I’ve considered charging in the past. The support, direction, and feedback The Pitch Queen gave was beyond my expectations.
Wendi S. Hall, CPA, IAR
“It was well worth the investment!”
I am grateful to have participated in the Sales Mastery Program and feel that it was well worth the investment. Having a clear sales process removes the "guesswork" in our sales meetings and improves both our close and collection rates. We can focus on clients for which we are the best fit, deliver the greatest value and in return, we get paid well, and everyone is happy.
Michele Roberts, CPA
“I saw positive results right away!”
Having worked in sales enablement at a Fortune 100 company where I facilitated a great deal of sales training, I was not sure how much value I would get out of the CPA Sales Course. As it turns out, I was very pleased with how helpful, practical, and contextualized the sales training was. It gave me some specific tools and strategies to immediately improve my sales conversations with prospective clients. I saw positive results right away, both in the quality of my sales conversations and in converting the prospects that fit our business best. If you need a proven process for qualifying and converting prospects that you can actually implement for your tax planning CPA firm, I highly recommend The Pitch Queen.
Mark N. Tuggle, Ph.D.
“I learned the language of truly being of service and I couldn't be any happier.”
Sales before your 8-Week Sales Master Training program was nerve wrecking and exhausting. I literally thought I would never be good at this and eventually I would just fail at business.  Now I feel confident, eager to practice, and excited about sharing my wins.  I also find I have saved so much time having a process to follow.  I quickly know what to do with each lead and I feel confident when speaking to clients.  I learned the language of truly being of service and I couldn't be any happier. Thank you Michelle Weinstein!
Jhoslen Muniz, CPA
“The course already paid for itself!”
I believe taking this sales class has set me apart from most of the other CPAs out there. I learned how to listen more to the client and understand what he or she values and their pain. I am able to help them reach their goals with a great understanding of where they are at and where they want to be. The sales class has already paid for itself and I expect to use the techniques to continue to increase my closing rate.
Matthew Leonard, CPA, CTC
Are you ready to Finally Be Paid What You're Worth?
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