How to Identify Clients That are Ready to Hire You NOW | Episode 11

Is your firm full of clients, you’re working 12-hr days and you’re barely making ends meet?

It sounds to me like you need to start identifying clients that are really ready to work with you and stop taking everyone that walks through your firm’s door.

In this episode, Ross Jeffries joins me to share his best tips on how and why it’s so important to identify your dreams clients before you start working with just anyone.

It probably feels incredible to have a bunch of potential clients just dying to work with you, but if you don’t take the time to actually identify their problems and how you can help them, and find out whether they’re willing to invest in themselves, you’re wasting your time. And, as we all know, time is precious and not something we can ever get back.

Stop wasting your time on people who say they’re interested, but aren’t really ready to invest!

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Here are a few key secrets we talked about in this episode:

  • Michelle introduces Ross Jeffries.
  • Michelle introduces the topic and how it affected her in the mortgage business.
  • “Time is the one thing you don’t get any more of. You can always make more money but you could never get more time.” ~ Ross Jeffries on why it’s so important to qualify your leads.
  • Not everyone is ready to work with you right now, and if you work with people who aren’t ideal clients, your quality of work will decline.
  • Ross shares the top three ways to qualify leads that won’t waste your time.
  • It is so important to share your expectations with your accounting client right from the start, and ensure that they are willing to work with those expectations. The ONLY correct answer is an “Absolutely YES” from any client.
  • The more you say NO to working with an unqualified client, the more you increase your sense of worth.
  • The more you are yourself, the more you’ll attract the accounting clients you desire, because like attracts like.
  • Michelle shares some questions you can ask yourself in order to determine WHO your ideal clients are.
  • Scott, a student of Michelle’s, acts as a perfect example of how Michelle knows when someone will be an ideal student.
  • “The money is made in the follow-up.” ~ Ross Jeffries
  • 50% of accountants do not follow-up with their prospects. Michelle is on a mission to help you change this!
  • Ross shares three ways that he can tell whether someone will be or WON’T be an ideal client.
  • Michelle shares this brilliant qualifying question, “I work with people who want to make strategic decisions, are committed to changing what they have been doing year after year, and are ready to act now to make a change. Is that you? Can I count on you for that?”
  • Curious how to know when you should turn a prospect away? In this episode, Ross shares three ways to know if you should turn a prospect away.
  • Michelle closes out the episode.

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