Why Hiring a Sales Strategist is Worth It

Did you know when you started your own firm that you were signing up for a 24/7 sales job? Most accountants know their numbers; they know their systems. But they don’t know sales very well, and that shows in their top line revenue. Money is left on the table when accountants are not able to close a sale. But how can you fix that?

Hiring a sales strategist or investing in sales coaching is one of the quickest ways to increase top line revenue and grow your firm. But how do you know when you’re ready to actually hire someone to teach you the art of sales?

While I firmly believe in investing in yourself and your knowledge, investing before you’re actually ready won’t serve your or your business. The best way to know if it’s time to invest is to learn what a sales strategist can do for you based on where your accounting firm is right now.

If you’re an accountant who is ready to have your best month ever by bringing in your ideal clients and more income, then this episode of The Abundant Accountant Podcast is a MUST LISTEN!

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Have you been thinking of hiring a sales strategist, but you’re not quite sure what they can do to actually help your accounting practice? THIS BLOG POST will help! 

Here are a few key secrets we talked about in this episode:

  • The Pitch Queen, Michelle, introduces herself and shares about her business.
  • Michelle shares about investing in herself to go to a big digital marketing conference. One of the biggest takeaways for her was that you want to be the thermostat in your firm, not the thermometer. You want to set how hot you want to be!
  • Invest in yourself! That allows you to set the thermostat where YOU want it to be.
  • When you started your firm, did you create a business or a JOB?
  • Although data and numbers are great, it’s sometimes not enough to enroll new clients.
  • Not everyone buys from a spreadsheet! Most people buy based on their emotions.
  • Sales coaching helps you focus on new skills, knowledge, and strategies.
  • “If I am not my best self, how can I serve YOU? If I am not learning and growing, how can I help you?” ~ The Pitch Queen
  • You go to learn technical knowledge and earn continuing education credits. You need these skills and knowledge to help your client at a greater level. If you can’t get them to come and work with you, the technical knowledge doesn’t help!
  • “The best MBA is the one you figure out on your own.” ~ The Pitch Queen
  • In order to serve, you have to see your weaknesses. It’s not the most fun, but it’s the best way to grow and get past fears blocking you.
  • No one knows everything. You should strive to learn one new thing every day.
  • If you are the best tax planner out there, then how can you learn a new thing every day in an area you are NOT great in? Choose sales, client relationship, or followup.
  • No matter how good you are, you can always become better.
  • Do you want a thousand clients at $10 each, or do you want a few clients at maybe $1000 or $10,000 each?
  • Working with a coach will help you learn new methods and get the best outcome for your firm and your clients.
  • You forget that you signed up for sales, but every time you talk to a client it’s a sales conversation!
  • Consider how many missed opportunities have you had in the past 6-12 months by not working on yourself. Not making time to work on yourself is NOT the way to set yourself up for success.
  • Don’t be complacent! Not working on yourself is the first step to a failed business.

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P.S. When it comes to your accounting biz, are you a thermostat or a thermometer? Do you have any idea what I’m talking about? If not, then THIS BLOG POST will help you fire up your firm!


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