Here is a list of creative ideas and financing options you can use to enroll with us so that you can change your life and your firm forever.

  1. Checking account
  2. Savings accounts
  3. Credit cards
  4. Combination of credit or debit cards (we have had clients use 4 different credit cards to enroll)
  5. Emergency credit cards (you know, the one you’re saving for when you REALLY need something)
  6. Side Hustle Ideas: 50+ Ways To Make Money Fast
  7. Credit card offers
  8. New American Express (you can use instantly, and they normally even give you a cash back sign up bonus!)
  9. New credit cards (check out NerdWallet, where you can search for available credit cards based on your credit rating, Chase Slate is also good if your credit is imperfect)
  10. Going online to apply for low intro rate credit cards; searching “Easy to get credit cards bad credit”
  11. PayPal balance (there can be leftover money hiding there!)
  12. PayPal creditApplication Link (also instant decision on approval)
  13. Credit limit increase (call up your bank, you might be surprised at what they are willing to extend)
  14. Retirement accounts or IRAs
  15. Personal loans: UpgradeUpstart, and CreditKarma
  16. Peer to peer lending – Prosper and Lending Club
  17. Business loans (for those who have or will have a small business) – Kabbage, FastCapital360FundboxLendingTree, CountMeIn(CountMeIn is for women only)
  18. Business grants (for those who have or will have a small business) – check out EfundingNow andUSAFundingApplications
  19. Title loan on car
  20. Home equity loan, tapping into an unused home equity line of credit
  21. Selling unused stuff on Craigslist or Ebay (the average American has over $3K of stuff they can sell that they don’t REALLY need)
  22. Call in debts from people who owe you
  23. A friend or family member who will invest in you (and it’s encouraged to pay them back with interest, most people are very happy if they can earn 10% annual interest on an investment)
  24. Throw a fundraiser! Have friends donate art/ crafts/ things they are ready to part with and have a fundraiser. Better yet, make it an auction!
  25. Crowdfunding (start a GoFundMe!)
  26. Rent out or Airbnb a room in your house
  27. Extra work to earn more money
  28. Cut expenses to save more money
  29. Investigate microlenders and web-based lenders. There are several non-bank lenders on the Internet that now offer microloans to entrepreneurs. These loans are typically in the $5,000 to $25,000 range, like Zopa, and others mentioned above.
  30. Send in some referrals!


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