AA 71 | Asking for Testimonials


Asking for testimonials is the best thing you can do to boost your credibility. Not only can you empower your team with positive feedback, but you can also improve with negative feedback! Either way, you can’t lose! Michelle Weinstein’s guest in this episode is Wendi Hall, a Managing Partner of Small Office Solutions LLC. Wendi is a graduate student of Abundant Accountant’s eight-week Sales Mastery Training. Join in the conversation as Wendi shares her firsthand experience of asking for testimonials for the first time. Discover how she framed her questions and how powerful her website became with the addition of her testimonial page. Asking for testimonials could be the much-needed level up you need to scale your firm. Tune in!

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Why Asking For Testimonials Is Important For Your Credibility With Wendi Hall

We have a very special guest. Our special guest is a CPA, owns an accounting firm and had been in business since 1998, it’s called Small Office Solutions LLC. Our special guest is Wendi Hall. She’s also a graduate student of our Eight-Week Sales Mastery Training. She’s in our accountability group. She is a star student. Wendi and her team help professional speakers. That’s her target niche client, gain clarity over their business, personal finances so they can spend more time doing the work they love, pay off all their debt, provide more financial stability for their families and save beaucoup bucks for their retirement goals. Wendi is also the author of several published articles covering topics from tax planning, business development and technology. She is also a Mastery Level Profit First Professionals and has been named as the Milwaukee Magazine Top Wealth Manager for four years in a row.

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Welcome, Wendi, to the show.

Thank you, Michelle. I’m glad to be here.

Thank you so much for being here. For everyone reading, you are going to want to have your yellow notepad, your blue pen or black pen, ready to take some notes because Wendi is going to share her success in following some very simple steps and the power of getting reviews. Wendi, can you share with everyone where your firm is and what you do because you are very similar to everyone reading here?

We have been in business for several years. We started out preparing tax returns but very quickly moved into consulting, financial planning, investing as well as profit first consultations and other business consultations.

Wendi is also a student of the Abundant Accountant and our Eight-Week Sales Mastery graduate. She is up and up but honestly, has been crushing it and getting client testimonials AKA client reviews. Our discussion is about, number one, what might be stopping you from asking your clients for review.  Number two, the power of reviews than what it does for not only your own self-esteem but your staff and others. Number three, how it can give you more credibility and social proof for future clients. That’s what we are talking about.

Thank you so much, Wendi, for taking out the time. I know your time is valuable but when I saw how many reviews you were able to get, how you implemented it and got past the mental roadblocks that I think a lot of people reading as like, “We need to discuss on this.” Let’s get right into it. We are talking about the power of reviews. When we started talking about getting client testimonials or client reviews, what was your initial reaction to that request? What did you think about it?

Be consistent, and don't handpick who you send the questionnaire to. You need to send it to everyone. Share on X

My first thought was, “Do I have to do that? I do not want to do that. I don’t want to ask people for a review.” It seems like I’m imposing on them or I’m asking a favor of them. Honestly, I was a little bit afraid of getting negative feedback. Nobody wants to hear the negative stuff. I was afraid that’s all I was going to hear was complaints and all bad things I didn’t want to know.

Can you share a little bit more in-depth? A lot of accountants feel like we impose on our clients a lot or we might feel like, “I don’t want to ask them for a favor. They are paying clients. How could I do that?” For me, those thoughts don’t even cross my mind. I’m like, “I want to share your success with other people. This is phenomenal.” Can you share with your hat, being the accountant and the firm? You have had your business for years. Some of these clients you have had maybe for 6 months, 5 years, 10 years, what has you thinking that you are imposing on their space or time that you don’t want to ask for a favor? We will get into the negative feedback but what about those first two?

The biggest reason that I’m expecting negative feedback is that most of the time, when you hear from a client, you only hear complaints. You don’t hear the good things. You hear clients that are complaining, “Something is taking too long. Your fee was too high,” or they don’t understand what’s going on. You only hear the bad things from your clients. Very rarely do you hear the good things from your clients who say, “You made it so easier? It was so good.” It’s human nature that when we hear the good stuff, we sweep it under the rug and say, “It’s that one client out of 300 or 3,000, whatever it is that is so happy with our experience.” It’s human nature to say, “People have to do their tax returns. They have to do some of these things but they don’t like doing it and want to avoid it at all costs.”

Have you had any experience about where a client told you that you were imposing on them? Have you ever had a client say, “Why are you asking me for a favor? What about those two?” Did you have that or was that a thought that you came up with on your own but it never occurred so it’s not true? It was a limiting belief at that point.

You are correct. I did not hear from any clients when I asked for a review. I did not have come back to me and say, “Why are you asking me for this? Why are you asking me for a favor? I don’t want to do this.” If they didn’t want to do it, they didn’t respond. If I asked them in an email for a written testimonial or a video testimonial and they didn’t want to do it, there was no response.

You didn’t even have that rejection because you didn’t get a response as well. Maybe in the beginning you are like, “Michelle, why do I have to do this?” Also, it’s the fear of being rejected. Not only do we feel we are imposing on them it’s like, “I don’t want to ask them for a favor, they are busy. I don’t even want to feel rejected by them because God knows what they are going to say. If I hear some more negative feedback, I might go crazy.”

I do recall a couple of times where people made excuse for why they couldn’t do it, which is fine, whether it was a valid excuse or not.

What did you hear?

I had somebody say, “I’m too busy now. I had eye surgery done so my eyes don’t look right. I’m growing my hair out and it doesn’t look good now.” I thought the objections to the video testimonial were very interesting because basically, they didn’t want to be on camera.

AA 71 | Asking for Testimonials

Asking for Testimonials: The biggest reason that you’re expecting negative feedback is that most of the time, when you hear from a client, you only hear complaints.


To clear that up, Wendi, I had a suggestion for everybody. For all of you, I’m going to put this out there that it’s important to get video testimonials and written testimonials with people’s photos. That’s the ultimate goal. That’s where we want to end up. People were objecting to your video reviews probably because they didn’t want to hurt your feelings and say, “I hate being on camera.” A lot of us reading now that being on camera is shocking. Even though we are all a little bit more used to Zoom these days but being one-on-one with a happy client, hearing all this stuff, it’s a lot to even hear the good stuff. It’s overwhelming at times. I could see that.

This is a case study episode because Wendi went out on a limb and tried something even though she felt that she was maybe imposing on people. You felt like you were going to be a nagger-bother asking for a favor and probably terrified of hearing any negative feedback. Let’s know about the tests that you went through and what you did to get reviews.

This year at the beginning of tax season, I decided that I was going to get feedback from every tax client that we prepared a return for. I knew that I needed to ask a limited number of questions so that they would answer them because nobody wants to answer a long-extended questionnaire. I knew I had to be consistent and not hand pick who I sent the questionnaire to. I needed to send it to everyone. I also wanted to make sure that my words were such that. I’ve got feedback that was not only helpful but also then provided for those desired reviews. It was a little scary and intimidating because I didn’t exactly know how that whole process was going to look like and I was concerned that it was going to take up a lot of extra time on our end to send that to every single client every time.

It’s like you already don’t have a lot of time. Where were you going to find the time to ask for a client review or testimonial? When you’ve got over that mental barrier for you, Wendi, had you said, “I’m going to make the time to do it?” What had that switch go off for you where you said, “This is important and valuable for me to get these desired reviews?”

I knew that I needed to get the testimonials because I was frustrated with the lack of reviews I had on my Facebook page and on my Google page that had 1 or 2 reviews on there that were starting to get old. I think my Google page had one review on it that was six years old. My Facebook page had some good reviews on it but they were all dated. It looks bad, even if you have good reviews if they are outdated. If you don’t have reviews, it makes you wonder, “Is this person even a valid company? They don’t have any reviews.” To me, that’s suspicious-looking. I knew that I had to do it and I had to get over the barrier of getting a process in place.

I think having a process in place and knowing how to do it, I would love for you to share how much time did it take. Most people probably thinking, “Michelle and Wendi, you guys are nuts. I am so busy.” Even though I’m frustrated with how dated my reviews are on my Google and Facebook but how did you even find the time? Can you quantify how much time this took?

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It probably took me longer to come up with the questions than anything. You and I work together on coming up with the questions to ask. I ended up with about six or seven questions on my form that I did in Google Docs and Google Forms. That probably took me the longest amount of time. It was to come up with the questions and create the form. Honestly, altogether, it took me about two hours.

That’s not a whole lot of time. To be a gift to others, since this is all about giving here at the show, what do you think out of the six questions are the two most important ones that you would want to share with everyone where they could write it down? If you didn’t do anything else except ask your happy clients two questions, what would they be?

Of course, the number one question that I would ask would be, “Would it be too cumbersome to provide us with a 2 to 3 sentence review of your experience working with us so we can share it with others?”

That’s a very good question. If they didn’t come up with six and they were only going to ask two questions to people to generate a very good review, what’s the other one? I love the word you used, the desired review because if they provide it to you, then that’s the desired review.

It’s a tie between the other two questions.

We will do three. We will give them a bonus. Everyone is getting a bonus. Let’s do two more.

The other two questions I asked is, “What do you like best about the services we provide?” I then asked, “How or in what way do you feel we can improve?”

I’m curious, why would you ask the third one? From your point of view, why would you want to know the ways you can improve? That’s another opportunity for you to get some rejection or negative feedback that you get to take in.

It’s always hard to get good feedback that you can turn around and make useful. As you had said, it’s hard to know what people are feeling and how they view the process. You come from a very non-accounting standpoint. Your view on how things work in the process is very different than how I look at them. I might think that something is very clear and laid out. Whereas you might read something and see that it’s very confusing because either you don’t understand the vernacular, the wordings I use are not clear, I’m using too much jargon or the technology isn’t as easy to use as I think it is.

Those are some good examples. We are fortunate here in our office to have one of our staff members, a very non-technical person and helps us, as a team, reflect on what it looks like from a non-technical viewpoint. When we are asking questions of our clients, she can say, “To me, I don’t understand that that’s confusing,” because she’s thinking about it in a different way than we are.

AA 71 | Asking for Testimonials

Asking for Testimonials: The number one question to ask is, “would it be too cumbersome to provide us with a two to a three-sentence review of your experience working with us so we can share it with others?”


You can communicate with future prospects at their level in the future by getting this information and ways to improve from people like me who think a lot of the stuff is complicated at times. I think that’s great. Those three questions are perfect ones for anyone who doesn’t want to go any further. If you do those 2 or 3, the feedback you are going to hear is incredible. Why don’t you share the results of what you did? How many people did you ask?

How many new client reviews did you get? What’s your Google page up to? What’s your Facebook page up to? One of the things that I shared with Wendi and she executed beautifully, was not only when you request the review, do you get a client review testimonial? You can also ask them to copy and paste it, and put it on their Google page, Yelp page if you have Yelp, Facebook page and add them to your website. You could get a 4 for 1 special.

We sent out the request to almost every tax client. I say almost because my goal was to send it to every tax client but there were a couple of tax clients I thought, “We are going to fire this client here so I don’t want to hear their feedback.”

How many total clients? What percent are you going to fire? That’s another little tidbit. We always want to be getting rid of clients who don’t fit or suit us because you don’t want to hear their feedback. If you don’t want to hear someone’s feedback, then it’s probably a good idea to let them go.

We typically fire 1% to 2% of our clients every year. We had that vote. We asked about 260 of our clients for their feedback and we sent them a canned email after the full completion of their tax returns. Basically, two sentences, “Thanks for your business. If you could complete the short two-minute survey and a link to the form. Thanks for working with us this year.”

That was it. It was very short, sweet. We did send the email from one of our generic emails. It didn’t come from me, our tax preparer or a person. It came from our team email, which helped because it didn’t imply that the email was coming from a specific person, looking for feedback from a specific person or going to be read by a specific person. It gave that arm’s length distance on the feedback.

How many new reviews you’ve got?

We’ve got responses from 64 of those emails that we sent out, which is about a 25% response rate. We did not send out any reminders or any second requests. I was happy with that. We’ve got so many people to respond. It was exciting.

Every year, the beginning of tax season is the best time to review what needs to change and what needs to be done. Share on X

Wendi knows me well so we are not going to stop there. Now is the great time to send the other 196 people, “Did you miss my email?” Let’s try to get a few more because sometimes, people are so busy in their inboxes. I have seen some people’s inbox with 15,000 to 30,000 unread emails, which I’m sure a lot of you reading either have that or you are OCD like me, where you can’t have a day without going through every email, cleaning up and having it organized. Wendi, that’s my little challenge to you. We can work on that next in sending a follow-up. With a 25% response rate with all these client reviews, what was the most eye-opening review that you’ve got off the top of your head that you were shocked by it?

I was shocked by one review from a client who I thought was not very enthused with our services who maybe did not seem very happy and yet, their response was stunningly complimentary.

Do you get to read it to us?

I can.

I want to know it. I know everyone reading wants to know it too because sometimes, you think when a client is not engaged with you, they don’t respond to you or are very transactional. They probably don’t appreciate you. The ones that are probably further distance away that you don’t hear from very often, my guess is, you think they don’t care, don’t value you and don’t appreciate you. Is that what happened with this person? Is that what you felt?

Yes, I thought that they were unhappy with how many questions we asked and the time that it took to prepare because they have K-1s and combined 1099s. It takes a long time to prepare their returns because it takes a long time to collect all the information. I always felt like we were bothering them and asking them for something new or they weren’t providing it. I always felt like they were frustrated with us but I can read the review to you. They said, “We have been working with Small Office Solutions for many years. Wendi and her team do a very thorough job every time. They always know all the latest tax changes, nuances and answer all of our questions in addition to making sure we are informed and prepared.”

You thought that was a 180 opposite of what you were going to hear.

In fact, that was one of those that was earlier in the process and I had to force myself to send that email to them because I was afraid of how they were going to respond.

I can definitely see that like, “I don’t want to hit send. I need to not send this one. I would rather not know anything.”

I was hesitant to hear back from them. I thought, “I told myself I was going to send this to every single client and that’s what I’m going to do.”

With the 64 responses you’ve got, what did you think? What did you feel? What were you surprised by? Share that with us. Before we do that, what roadblocks did you have to overcome to do this, to set out the time, create the process and say, “I’m going to trust Michelle on this one?”

AA 71 | Asking for Testimonials

Asking for Testimonials: Having a page of testimonials is such a powerful thing to have available.


You were definitely pushing to do this. Like I asked my clients to trust me that I am the professional, I was pushing myself to trust you, the professional and let you guide me in the right direction to go. After all, that’s part of the process, whether you are working with an attorney or a marketer. If you are spending money to have them work with you, then why would you not take their advice? That’s turning the tables because that’s exactly what I ask of my clients. If you are spending the time and energy for me to consult with you, give you direction and advice, why would you not take that advice? Why are you spending time with me then?

That’s a huge one. I’m not going to be able to push everyone reading but I am going to invite you to experience what Wendi experienced. See what happened to her. She’s got 64 new reviews. How many of those went to Google, Facebook, on your website and all that? I know you ask them to put it on Google and Facebook.

For those who gave us a 2 to 3 sentence review because all of the questions in the survey were marked as not required, nobody had to answer all of the questions so not everybody gave us a 2 to 3 sentence review of the 64 responses. Sometimes, they gave us a review and then no name but the ones that gave us a review and name, we then sent them another email that said, “Thank you for your review. Would you please also post it on Google, Facebook or Nextdoor,” which is another social media site so that others can help find us. We did have several people that said, “I would be happy to do that.” We now have ten reviews on our Google site. We have an additional five on our Facebook page. We have a whopping twelve now on our Nextdoor recommendation page.

Congrats to you. What else did you learn through the process? I think you had some other learnings and ah-a moments that you are blown away by. Can you share those?

I was surprised at the great positive feedback that we did receive. The reviews were amazing. That, to me, was very reassuring. It felt good to get those reviews, whether I use them anyplace else. It was a breath of fresh air after a stressful tax season to see such positive things about what we, as a team here have done. It was such a change from prior years when all we would hear is negative feedback. I did share these reviews with my staff. I feel it helped them feel better that we are making a difference in people’s lives and are helping people. Things like, “SOS is a lifesaver.” “This company makes everything easy and understandable.” This feedback that we’ve got made everybody feel better about what we are doing here and we are succeeding.

The fact that your staff got to see it too and it’s a breath of air for you. It helps the mood and your spirits. When you are doing client work, the level of work and enthusiasm has now increased. For you, where you were prior to me pushing you because not everyone reading is going to get the push? What would you say to a colleague, who’s reading, who’s having the thoughts and the blocks you had, afraid of getting bad reviews, think all the clients are going to be negative, bitch about stuff or have zero uncertainty on how to ask for a review? What about having the uncertainty on how to do it? We talked a little bit about that but all it is is creating a Google Form and creating a two-sentence email with the link to the form. What about the block that I don’t have any time on? “I don’t have time to do this. I don’t have a process. I don’t even know where to begin.” All these blocks stop everyone reading in their tracks and say, “I will do it later.”

What would you say to them now to take action and go get reviews and testimonials so you can help more of your ideal clients? The reviews give you credibility. It shows that you are the expert in what you do. Now, you don’t have a Google page with a bunch of old reviews. You now have, instead of one, you have ten. On Facebook, you have five. On Nextdoor, you have twelve. Now you are more visible to prospects, what would you say to someone who’s in your shoes 6 or 9 months ago?

For anyone that prepares tax returns, at the very least, every year, you have to update your processes, your questions and review things with your clients that you didn’t have to do before. 2021 was a great example. We had a lot to deal with new Tax Acts, new Tax Laws, stimulus payments and things that we had to be sure to ask the clients in advance. Every year, the beginning of tax season time is a review of what needs to be done, what needs to move forward and what changes for the current tax year. At the end of the tax year, like we are at now, you look at, “What did we do? What needs to be changed? What needs to be improved?” This and at the beginning of tax season are the perfect times to implement this and get this going. It allows you to set that process in place. Once you get the process in place, that overcomes all of those excuses that you have. Those are the blocks.

If you don't ask, the answer's already 'no'. So why don't you ask? Share on X

It’s getting the form set up and getting the canned email. It doesn’t have to be customized for every client. If you use a format such as Quick Parts and Outlook or templates to create those emails, it takes literally seconds to create those emails and send them out for each client. Setting it up is the hard part and it’s not that long. It only takes a couple of hours and now is the time to do it. Once you’ve got those systems in place, then you need to have them as part of your process. When you do the process of creating a tax return or of onboarding a client, there is a process and steps that you take. You just have to insert that step. Once you have sent your client their first financials, then you send them the request for their review. It’s one of those next steps.

As you said, now is a great time. You get the opportunity to set aside time. Is there anything else that you would share with a colleague reading who is good at taking action and will create the time but what’s blocking them is the fear? The, “I don’t want to hear from these clients. What if they ask for a refund?” All those negative thoughts. Anything you would share that helped you get over that hurdle?

I don’t think this helped me get over the hurdle other than you pushing me. My experience showed that when clients fill out this survey and I ask them what went well and what they like about our team, it reinforced their own good experience with us. If you sit down to go, “That’s right. They did provide me with a lot of feedback. They were very patient with me and helped me collect the information that I need. Their communication was very clear.” It reinforces the good experience that they had and that’s always a good thing. If tax season, especially is so stressful for people for them to realize that, “They did make it easy for me.” That means they are going to come back again or have us more top of mind when somebody else is looking for assistance with their taxes.

That’s a referral discussion that we can have on another day because I do push hard to get referrals. Thank you, Wendi, so much for taking out the time to share your case study, the power of getting reviews, not only for yourself but for your staff and your team. It’s a win-win all around. Is there anything else or any last words of wisdom that you want to share with a colleague of yours reading?

I do want to say one last thing. I am so happy that now I have my page of testimonials up on my website. Every time I get a new client and they are waiting for an appointment time or they are hesitant to move forward, I quickly send them a link to our page and say, “While you are waiting or while you are thinking it over, here’s what our other clients have to say or here’s how our other clients have experienced working with us.” I send it out. It’s such a powerful thing to have available, especially when I have my client’s pictures up there. That was a weird thing to do but asking for the clients to provide a picture and being able to have their picture on the website with their testimonial makes a difference.

Every single person reading this is thinking, “That’s strange, Michelle. You want us to ask for a review and get a photo?” What was strange about asking for the photo in addition to the written review?

I think about it from somebody else’s point of view. If my dentist were to ask me for a review and a picture of me, I would be a little hesitant. I don’t know that I would want my picture up in someplace that I don’t have control over but maybe that’s how I feel about it. I know that a lot of the younger generation is happy to have their picture all over the place. Of all the responses I received, only about half offered up their picture, which is fine. I didn’t have a problem but it was also fun to see some of my clients in a very casual setting.

That’s 32 photos that now you have with testimonials and 32 people that thought it wasn’t weird. If we think it’s weird, it’s our own weirdness. It’s our own belief that that’s bizarre and that’s strange. Kudos to you for making the ask because you have a 50/50 chance. When we don’t ask, you are going to get no photos. That would have been a 100% no but because you asked, you’ve got 50% to give you a picture.

That’s right and you bring up a good point. You shoved my own theory back in my face because I always tell my kids, “If you don’t ask, the answer is already no so why would you not ask?”

We are going to end it right there. Thank you so much, Wendi, for joining us here on the Abundant Accountant Show. This was awesome. I can’t wait to get the follow-up stats. We will have to do a follow-up episode on the 260 or 265 minus the 64. We are going to send a follow-up email to them and ask for a review. We are going to get these up even more. Thank you for being here with us.

Thanks, Michelle.

What an amazing episode with Wendi. There’s so much goodness here but I want to share the one thing that she shared. I know I can’t push all of you. Some of you, I can but not everybody. As Wendi said, “If we don’t make the ask, you are going 100% never get anything from anybody,” but if you ask for testimonials or reviews from half your clients, you are going to get it. I have this new little series on my YouTube channel called Tesla Talks, where I interview Tesla owners in their cars while they are sitting and charging their cars.

I met a woman who’s a real estate agent. Here was her tip and secret of advice for brand new entrepreneurs and business owners. Her name is Lannie. Lannie said her success comes because she’s able to have her clients trust her. Wendi mentioned that, too. I pushed her but she said, “As a professional, I need to have my tax clients trust me in what I’m doing.” If Wendi is a student of mine, she has to trust what I’m saying is going to work. You might think it’s terrifying, scary and all of those thoughts, which is fine. In her case, she got the results. In Lannie’s case, she’s a top real estate agent at Coldwell Banker because she has her clients know, like and trust her to a point where she gets them a good deal. The sales process for buying a house can be a total nightmare if you don’t have the right person representing you.

The whole point of what I’m trying to say is that trust, Wendi. Write out the question she told you. We came up with them together but even if you asked 2 of the 3 or all three and put it in a Google Form, send them out to all of your clients that you had this tax season or if you do tax planning for all the tax plans that you did in 2021, I guarantee, you are going to get at least half of them to respond.

If you need help doing that, I’m going to have an asking for referral resources within my new app. It’s called the Abundant Accountant Sales App. You can learn more over at TheAbundantAccountant.com/app. If you don’t want to create anything that Wendi and I talked about, it’s already done for you inside my app. We are building out the referral request and the testimonial request but as far as the front-end sales process to get a client engaged with you and enrolled with you, the sequence is done. The follow-up emails are complete. Everything is done for you, bulletproof, front-end client experience that turns all those prospects into clients so you have a cashflowing firm. If you want to spend less time trying to manage what leads are wherein the process, then this is a great tool for you.

The best part is you get to try it for two weeks. No commitments. No nothing. You can cancel it at any time. No contract to sign because that’s how awesome this tool is. I spent 4 to 6 months putting in all this stuff. I have worked on it with a company called RapidFunnel. If you go to TheAbundantAccountant.com/app, you will learn more. You will have a bulletproof process. You don’t have to think about what to do and the next steps for your sales. You can start gaining more revenue and stop spending so much time fiddling around, which clients do you have to call, who contacted you through your website, who do I have to follow up with? It’s already done for you. I will see you all in the next episode.

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AA 71 | Asking for TestimonialsWendi Hall, CPA, IAR, is the managing partner of Small Office Solutions LLC, established in 1998. Wendi and her team help professional speakers gain clarity over their business and personal finances so they can spend more time doing the work they love, pay off debt, provide more financial stability for their families, and save for their retirement goals.

Wendi is the author of several published articles covering topics such as tax planning, business development, and technology. She is a Mastery Level Profit First Professional and has been named as a Milwaukee Magazine Top Wealth Manager for the last four years in a row.

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