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The best learnings are found not just in reading books but also in doing the work and learning at the job itself. This is the realization of seasoned financial expert Amit Chandel when he got into the transformational sales coaching of Abundant Accountant. Joining Michelle Weinstein, he shares how the program guided him from swimming aimlessly in the vast ocean of career building to finding the lighthouse that transformed him into an entrepreneur. Amit talks about the success his firm is currently enjoying, the program’s lasting impact on his confidence, and why he has learned to value real-life experience more than going through endless lists of self-help books.

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The Impact Of Transformational Sales Coaching With Amit Chandel

We have a very special guest. Our special guest is a CPA in Southern California. He is also a client of the Abundant Accountant, a seasoned Financial Expert, specializing in tax, financial, and exit planning, with over 30 years of experience, serving affluent families, businesses, owners, and executives. His practice also focuses on high-end tax estate planning and succession planning, and he holds multiple designations such as CPA, CTC, and many more.

Starting as a cost accountant, he rose to business valuations, forensic accounting, and tax planning, founding Focus CPA Group in 1993, which specializes now in year-end tax and financial planning. His expertise has helped businesses in various industries uncover significant tax savings and resolve complex IRS issues, earning him the Certified Tax Planner of the Year Award in 2017.

Before we welcome our special guest to the show, if you’re an accounting tax or bookkeeping firm owner and you want to stop trading time for dollars, let go of overly demanding clients and get paid based on your value and worth, while still massively boosting your revenue, here’s what I have for you. Here at The Abundant Accountant, we show you the system to fill your firm with ideal clients who value your time so you can catapult your firm to the next level and work the hours you want to work while still having plenty of free time each week for yourself and your family.

Not only that, I’m also going to show you how to do all of this in a way that feels simple, effortless, and automatic. If you want me to show you exactly how to do this, go to TheAbundantCall.com and book your call with me and my team right now. Now, let’s welcome our special guest Amit to the show. Welcome, Amit, to the show.

Michelle, how are you doing? I’m glad to be here.

All About Amit

Thank you so much for taking the time to be here, to share your experience of what it’s like being a part of The Abundant Accountant family. Before we dive in though, Amit, I’ve already done your intro, but could you share with everyone where you’re at in the country and what your firm specializes in?

I’m located in California, basically Southern California, greater Los Angeles area. My firm is Swat Advisors, and we emphasize tax, financial, and exit planning. I came in from traditional CPA practice to focus on completely tax and financial planning.

Before joining The Abundant Accountant, whenever you did, I don’t remember even how long it’s been, how are you feeling about your firm at that time?

Let’s put it this way. Before joining The Abundant Accountant, I was a traditional CPA, trying to figure out where I was going. Let’s say, I was a bunch of fish in the ocean with no direction, no idea where to go and how to build, how to get out of the ARs, how to get the clients to build, and what is the reasonable price to build. It was a typical CPA practice. That was what was ingrained into us over that period of time since I’ve been practicing. That’s where I’ve been. It has bo a bearing like a ship without a rudder.

A ship without a rudder is a good visual. You’re floating in the ocean, not knowing how far out it’s going to take you.

The Abundant Accountant was the lighthouse that brought me back into the fold.

Joining Abundant Accountant

Let’s dive a little bit deeper into that lighthouse. Can you share maybe that moment when you felt like your rotors were out and you were drifting far away, when you decided to do something about making some changes in your firm, to figure out your pricing, to not be a traditional CPA firm? What was that moment when you realized that the rotors were out and you were floating, and you needed that lighthouse to help?

Like all CPAs, I think the biggest issue is we do not give value to what we are and who we are after spending hundreds and thousands of dollars of training, experience, college, university, everything, taking a license. We’re still trying to compete with everybody else, especially the block, the liberty taxes of the places. We don’t tend to grow and express our values. The confidence level wasn’t there as that, “I can command the size incomes. I can do this.” That’s basically where I was among all the fishes.

Abundant Accountant | Amit Chandel | Transformational Sales Coaching

Transformational Sales Coaching: The biggest issue is not giving value to what we are after spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on training and taking a license.


How did you feel out there amongst all the fishes? What were those feelings that you had when you knew that there was so much more, but you said, “I need to find that lighthouse for some help?”

As a typical CPA practice, our saleable value of the practice is not there. If I had to exit my practice tomorrow, if I was still in that pool, I would have to exit at a 1:1 ratio EBITDA, or maybe a fraction above or below, but not much. There was no command, no nothing. You were just doing the traditional and continuing ongoing the same way, status quo. You never know when a big fish will be coming, or a whale will be coming from another side and will be dominating your market. You would be lost in it. A competition could knock me out any day. My competition would say, “That’s it.” I have to close shop or move out or retire or move away like a lot of CPAs are planning with all the changes and everything. They are closing shop.

They just want to quit and give up. What have been some of the lessons learned since you’ve joined The Abundant Accountant? You did do the eight-week sales mastery training in our coaching program and ongoing mastermind program. What are some of those lessons that you’ve learned? You found your lighthouse, but share with the other firm owners what you’ve learned and how it could shift for them too.

I got to give a hat off to you completely. You’re building The Abundant Accountant out there, which helped me to get the confidence, to be able to reach out. My one last AR is now over.

That’s awesome. No AR.

I would not have fired that client if I were the traditional. I would have lingered on and on maybe one day, but I had the confidence to do it. I got rid of that and commanded higher income and higher fees. I think have the confidence to tell clients, look them in the eyes, and say, “This is my value. You take it or leave it,” because not there. It makes a big difference. You brought a lot of difference to me from where it was before. The ship has come into the harbor now.

The ship has turned into a luxury yacht, it sounds like.

It sure has. I’ve been commanding major fees and major incomes, and anybody can achieve it. They just need to follow what you’ve been instructed in the eight weeks that you are there. You have to follow it. I’m a culprit that I didn’t do all of that, but had I done all of everything, I would have been even much better just following what I did.

You’re still in the works of it, Amit.

I still am. I think the old habits die hard.

Amit’s Firm Today

They do die hard. You’re on your beautiful yacht. You’re no longer a fish swimming in the ocean. Your rotors are no longer dead. You’ve got the lighthouse guiding you to shore on this yacht. How do you feel now in your firm? I know you shared confidence and you’re charging premium fees. You’re getting paid in advance. You have no more AR. You collected all the old AR. If you had to share with someone who might be in that boat where they want to give up, or they’re in a job and the thought of starting their own firm sounds extremely daunting.

As a sleeper practice, it is a job. If you just run the traditional practice, you’ve created yourself a job, which I’ve been telling my 7-Eleven clients and say, “That’s no more. It’s a job you’re in. Nothing more. You’re just creating a job.” When coming into the port and the harbor, now on the yacht, I am way beyond that. I can command. I can see. I’ve become an entrepreneur now. That was not there.

Swat Advisor is the creation of entrepreneurship and being ready to build a one-stop family office structure for people, being able to think way outside the box, knowing my capabilities, my abilities, and being able to get out and do what is needed to build the practice. I’ve been commanding respect. Now, I have gone to a stage.

For example, I had a CPA who flew in from Philadelphia in the morning, only to leave in the evening. I didn’t know the purpose that he probably had and other things. I said, “What’s next?” He said, “I only flew in to shake your hand, Amit, the guru.” I would not have achieved that. I was just one of the CPAs. Now, I’m standing outside the crowd and people are trying to land on the moon. I have landed.

Nervousness And Skepticisms

I love that. As you said, you’re an inspiration for other firm owners that it is possible to change. You know what I’m curious about is before investing in The Abundant Accountant and the eight-week sales mastery course and the ongoing coaching and everything else, what were you most nervous about? What was that fear that came up?

To be honest, I was skeptical.

Let’s dive deep into that because there are a lot of programs out there. There’s a lot of coaches. Being skeptical, this is not the first time I’ve heard it but let’s dive deep into what were you skeptical about.

I was skeptical about, “You’re one of the masses that we hear every time on Facebook or in LinkedIn and everybody reaching out to you. I can name a few which I’ll withhold here their names, but it’d be one of those. I’m a senior at the AICTP and I’ve seen everything happening. I held back and attended your presentation at AICTP, saying, “It sounds good.” I heard good things. That was my biggest fear. Even I held you in awe too at the same time. I said, “She knows something. She knows what she’s talking about.” Finally, I had to dive in. I said, “I’m going to do it and see what it is, where it takes.”

When you hear it from other people, what are those things that made you feel skeptical? I’m sure you’ve experienced this in your own firm where clients are skeptical about changing firm owners and going to a one-stop shop and doing tax planning. Is this legal and is this not and all the other things that you hear from your clients? It’s not any different.

No, it is like being in a comfort zone, not being able to get out of there and saying, “I’m fine. I’ve got to bring these changes.” If I put this time, effort, and money, money is the least of the important with the dollars of time spent into it, will I even achieve what I’m seeing out there, what I’ve been told? Will it be possible? Is it me? Can I do it? The price of the program is not as much as the time itself that you have to devote to yourself. Am I willing to commit that kind of time? Am I willing to do what I’m able to do? I should have kicked myself in my behind and said, “I needed to have started when I started a long time ago.”

The skepticism held you back. What would you tell another firm owner who is also skeptical or like you, this just sounds a little too good, I don’t get it, why should I do this? I think a lot of firm owners can experience that, especially for those who don’t know me and find my ads on Facebook.

I would tell them, don’t do what I did, go for it. You’re not going to regret it. It’s worth every penny. Plus, the ROI that I got out of it, you can get it and it can make the transformation of your practice from where you are to where you want to be and beyond. If you believe in the stratosphere, reaching out in the stratosphere, you don’t have to think about the big firms, the big four, or those. You can be that. You don’t have to be a big company. You can be at the big firm achieving your dreams. You can achieve anything you want. You just have to have the will to do it and be able to do it. Just a little will and Michelle will carry you from there.

You don’t have to be a big company to achieve anything you want. You just need the will to do it. Share on X

Going Beyond Books

Amit, I know that you’ve done a lot of other programs and coaching. You’re always working on yourself and bettering yourself. What did you like best about our eight-week sales mastery program and what did you find that was different from other programs and other coaches that you’ve learned from and tried in the past?

You were there all the way. What you were giving, your projects, the things that you did, our meetings, our talks, our interaction between the teams that other people came in, and your guiding every step of the way is what was the most important part. Others tell you like, “Go read a book.” I’ll read a book. I didn’t learn anything out of it because I just went through reading a book as I went to college. I’d read so many books over there. How much do I remember out of it? Hardly anything. Here is practical. This is the raise your price letters or firing letters. All those different things that we’ve been taught and things that I’ve learned from your program are just exceptional. Nobody does that.

Maybe you can tell me from the firm owner’s perspective, but I would say most accountants, bookkeepers, and tax firm owners invest in a lot of information. That’s like how to do something. Here’s the book to read, here’s how to do it versus what I believe in what we do is transformation, that human support element that you were discussing. I think with information only, you hit a roadblock without that kind of coaching and feedback or it’s just like you said, you read something and then you forget it.

You get caught up in your old stories. I think you mentioned that like, “I should have done this a long time ago,” but when we get sucked into our library of books and endless amounts of free webinars and countless emails from all, as you said, the gurus, the information without proper support doesn’t lead to the transformational results that I feel that you received.

What it is, all in all, everybody that is out there is like giving you volumes of books in the tax profession. We know the IRS gives us over 270,000 pages of codes. How many of us delve into it and how much do we recall or remember until we do it? I’m going to bank on Sir Richard Branson’s statement. He says, “Until you get your project, and you learn it on the job.” It’s that way. Learning on the job with your worksheets, your coaching, and your things. It is learning on the job because I’m doing it. I’m practicing it. I’m working on it.

Abundant Accountant | Amit Chandel | Transformational Sales Coaching

Transformational Sales Coaching: The IRS gives accountants over 270,000 pages of codes. But how many delve into it or even remember to internally do it?


You’re having sales conversations every day on the job. You’re talking to clients, you’re answering emails, you’re meeting clients. Anytime you’re thinking of the thought to send a quote or a proposal, that should be a sales conversation. You’re always having this engagement and practice in your firm. I love that, learning on the job.

Other people who are attendees to the program that are coming in, you hear them and they’re being successful and we interact with one another. We get to hear one another, take pictures and recordings, and everything. You’re the catalyst to get things moving. You are the catalyst. It’s a chemical reaction that happened. It doesn’t happen without a catalyst. If anybody’s a chemistry student, they probably wouldn’t understand that. I was a chemistry student, and I always needed a catalyst, and you were the catalyst.

That was not my strong suit in college. I didn’t like that class, the elemental table. I wanted to be a doctor, Amit. I’m glad I didn’t go in that direction.

You and I probably were going in the same direction because I did my pre-med before I became a business major.

Results Of The Program

Me too, that’s so funny. Thank you for sharing that. That helps me a lot. I know it’s helping others a lot to be able to evaluate what’s best for them in their firm and grow. If they’re in a job, how to quit their job and go all in on their firm the right way? What did you find as a result in your firm from enrolling in our program, our coaching, and our ongoing? If you have financial, you can share that too.

Everybody wakes up in the morning and looks in the mirror, but they see their face. That’s it. You were the mirror that I woke up to see where my practice was going, what I needed to do, and the hard look that I needed to do to analyze. You gave me the courage to see my practice, the direction I was, where my dreams were, and what I needed to do. You did that and I’ve been making 6, 7 figures income now and I’ve been commanding quite high fees. My highest was $225,000 so far for a case. I command quite a bit and I have the courage to go and ask clients and taxpayers by doing the plans and presenting to them what other CPAs haven’t done.

We can go through all the training in the world. We can go to AICTP. We can go to TMN. We can go to all the training in the world. If you’re not going to be able to put it into practice, you’re not going to be able to do it. You brought that little missing link that we need to be able to get the courage to sell it at a higher price and do things that we wanted.

Transformation is an act of courage. Kudos to you for being willing to be open.

I would say kudos to you.

I was just here to hold your hand and walk you over that bridge of fear when some of the stuff I know you thought I was a little crazy, but you can be smart, and you cannot know all the technical knowledge and you can learn how to do the tax plan. If you can’t have a client engage, sign your engagement letter, and pay you upfront so you don’t have AR, then you can’t help the client and you won’t get the results that they’re looking for and that you’re looking for.

You were not only guiding. You were the crutch that I needed to get out. You took the crutch away too.

You have to be able to stand.

On your own. You gave the crutch by coming in and then you took the crutch away during your programs and training and talking. Now, I could walk without a crutch. In real life, I do walk with a crutch.

I know you do in real life.

You took that away so I could forget that crutch that I carry every day. Now, I can do it. I know the capabilities I can achieve. Like I said, “I’ve landed on the moon and I’m jumping to Mars now.

Abundant Accountant

Now you’re off to Mars. I was going to ask you what’s next. What’s next for Amit is going to Mars. Is there anything, Amit, that you’d like to add to anything why you’d recommend our eight-week sales mastery course for an accounting tax or bookkeeping firm owner? Any other last words or things you’d like to add that maybe I didn’t ask you, but you do feel compelled to share?

I would say anybody not taking advantage of this program and not getting out there is going to leave dollars on the table for the clients for sure, but you’re leaving a lot of dollars that all the firm owners could be taking home. They could be doing and achieving those big dollars, making them millions. You don’t have to be a big partner in Price Waterhouse or Peat Marwick to make the multimillion-dollar checks. You can do it in your boutique firms, but you need to get in, open your eyes, and get into the program.

You can achieve great things even from a small firm. You just need to do the work and keep an eye out for every possibility. Share on X

These eight weeks will change your life forever. I would highly recommend it. I’m saying this not because I was asked to say it, but I’m saying it because that’s the changes I found in my practice. Thanks to you. That’s what Abundant Accountant brought to me, got to me. I want to share it with everybody out there, my colleagues, my peers, that, “Do it. No questions asked.”

The art of enrollment is something everyone should learn and any firm owner it’s capable of. I’m just curious if you would say anything else to your younger Amit a couple of years ago, to the Amit that was a traditional CPA firm that left thousands of dollars on the table.

Closing Words

Let me put it this way, Michelle. I wish I’d met you when I started my practice. I would have been there always. Like I already told you a few times, I’m not leaving your program even though I’ve done the eight weeks. I am going to be there. Let’s put it this way. We are married to this program, and we are going to go there all the way. I would like to wish success to you and the program and to all the people who are coming after me to tell them that anything is possible after you take the program.

I’m glad I’m able to be by your side and watch you through this transformation. I’m looking forward to what’s next for you on Mars and what kind of rocket you’re going to take because I don’t think your yacht will get you there.

No, from Mars, I need to go to Pluto. I will continue. That’s why I’m going to stick with you through and through all the way because I need to know and I need to learn from Mike, others, and the younger generation that is coming in. A lot of other people out there that I could name who are in the program that I’m learning from. I’m learning from you and you’re the guiding light. Like I said at the outset, you’re the lighthouse. You’ve guided me in here. I know you’re going to guide me all the way through and through to the very end.

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your story with others who might have been tuning in to The Abundany Accountant when I started it in 2018. This might have given them the courage to make that change, even if they’re skeptical too. It’s been an honor and I just want to say thanks for carving out the 30 minutes from a very busy schedule that you have.

No problem, Michelle. I thank you and you’re welcome. Once again, thanks for this program, for putting it together because there are millions of coaches. You can spend millions of dollars. Frankly, I’m part of another coaching program. To be honest, after day one, I have not attended it. I come to yours every time.

Otherwise, you’re going to get an email asking where you’re at.

Thank you, Michelle.

Thank you all for joining Amit and me on another amazing episode here in this show. It’s always an honor to hear from our clients and have them share their stories. I’m so proud of him for going from Earth to going to Mars and now he’s off to Pluto. If you want to take your firm to Pluto and you’re skeptical, you’ve tried other programs, you’ve worked with other coaches, and it just hasn’t panned out the way you’ve wanted it, let me know. We’re here to talk because sometimes, transformation is not only an act of courage but requires more than just more information.

If you’re dreading the busy season every year and you’re not seeing your family for months on end, or maybe you’re currently worrying about your health, feeling exhausted, anxious, depressed, and stressed all of the time, and you have no idea how to reduce your working hours without losing revenue and profit, head on over to TheAbundantCall.com and book a call. The same call that Amit had. The same call that any of our clients have had, so we can dive deep into what’s not working in your firm because I have good news for you. None of those things that you might be feeling right now are the real problem. The real problem is that you just don’t have a system for working with ideal clients, maximizing revenue, and gaining back your freedom.

Our system here at The Abundant Accountant that Amit talked about today will allow you to gain back your freedom. It will allow you to grow your firm and enjoy your work and family without working long hours, without stressful tax seasons, and without ever having to hone clients for paperwork or money even if you feel like everything depends on you right now and falls on your shoulders. This is the same system. I’ve shown hundreds of other firm owners just like you who have used it to create the firm of their dreams that they’ve always wanted to have. If you want me to show you exactly how Amit’s done this and many others, go to TheAbundantCall.com and book your call with me and my team. We look forward to speaking to you and we’ll see you in the next episode.


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About Amit Chandel

Abundant Accountant | Amit Chandel | Transformational Sales CoachingAmit Chandel, CPA, is a seasoned financial expert specializing in Tax, Financial & Exit Planning, with over 30 years of experience serving affluent families, business owners, and executives. His practice focuses on high-end tax, estate planning, and succession planning, offering substantial income and estate tax savings. Holding multiple designations such as CTP, CTS, CTRS, CVA, CGMA, CExP, and an LLM in Taxation, he skillfully guides companies in increasing business value, planning for exits, and minimizing tax liabilities. Starting as a cost accountant, Amit rose to prominence in business valuation, forensic accounting, and tax planning, founding Focus CPA Group, Inc. in 1993, which specializes in year-round Tax & Financial Planning. His expertise has helped businesses in various industries uncover significant tax savings and resolve complex IRS issues, earning him the Certified Tax Planner of the Year Award in 2017.


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