Here’s how to build your firm faster with less volume and MORE high paying clients than you ever had EVER before without being a nag or bother to your prospects.

Stop fighting social algorithms, sponsored ads, and the whole internet for attention! Get the App that powers one-to-one business relationships using Authentic Sharing Technology. Effortless connection, hottest leads identified, real-time notifications and more, all rolled into your smartphone!

Try your first 2 weeks for $1. Keep the App for $99/month.
No contract to sign. Cancel any time if you change your mind.
Use Group Code ACCOUNTANT when signing up.

Share Preloaded Content about your Firm

The Abundant Accountant Sales App comes pre-loaded with content such as videos to send to prospects, PDFs of articles that would be useful for your prospects to read, text messages and pre-written email campaigns, ready to share with prospects only with just a couple clicks, from anywhere you are!

And You Can Also Load & Share Your Own Content!

Easily load your own links to articles, emails, video, PDFs into your library, then share them seamlessly across social media, email or text with prospects and leads you meet!

Then Watch 
the Activity 

Your prospects’ activity is tracked, so when they check out what you’ve sent them, you’ll get notified in real-time —for the simplest follow up ever. Never let another prospect slip through the cracks or feel you have to chase them down.

The Abundant Accountant Sales App is Ignited by Human Connection and Powered by RapidFunnel technology.

  • Create the know, like and trust factor and establish real relationships FAST using the #1 Accountant Sales App to convert high-paying clients 
  • Increase your value and confidence with having a bulletproof client experience to turn your prospects into customers & have a cash flowing firm! 
  • Stop selling and start connecting with more high-level clients who appreciate you!

The Abundant Accountant Sales App

Put a pre-loaded, accounting firm building machine right in your smartphone!


Get an overview of your firm right on the dashboard. See all your current sales and prospect stats at a glance, in real-time. Never let a lead fall through the cracks ever again with built in follow up!

Resource Library

Filled with videos to send to prospects, PDFs of useful articles prospects would read, and emails already written & ready to share instantly via email, text or social. All delivered via custom pages, personalized to you depending on if you focus on tax planning, profit coaching, monthly bookkeeping and accounting services or tax resolution!

Hot Prospects

The Hot List algorithm is a powerful time-saver that always shows you the most interested contacts first, so you know exactly who to spend your time with and don’t waste energy on the “tire kickers”.

Activity Log

Click on any contact to instantly view what you’ve sent them and see what actions they’ve taken.

Pre-written Email Campaigns 

Staying in touch with a prospect who has not engaged your firm is simpler than ever, with ready-to-send email campaigns written by The Abundant Accountant team and partners, that include resources and articles to educate and continue to build the know, like and trust factor. The emails are short, friendly, and personalized to come from you.

What About Customer Service?

Our App Care Experts work hard to make sure you’re getting the best from our technology partner, RapidFunnel. Questions? Concerns? You can visit us online to submit a help request, chat live with us, or check out our detailed FAQs

This technology is changing people’s level of success. Explode your business easier than any method you’ve used before!

Curious? Try 2 weeks for $1. Keep the App for $99/month. No contract to sign. Cancel any time if you change your mind. Use Group Code ACCOUNTANT.


Where can I download the app?
Apple users can download the app here. Download from the Google store here
Is this for phone or desktop? Can I use it on a computer?
This is a sales tool software application that can be used on your phone or desktop computer, or both. You can log into your account from any device and have access to your contacts and resources. 
How long can I try the app before I have to buy?
Try the app for two weeks for $1. Keep it for $99 a month.
It is really only $99 a month, or will there be additional fees?
There are NO additional fees. Just $99 a month!
If I subscribe now, will the price go up later for each specialty - tax resolution, tax planning, profit coaching, and monthly accounting/bookkeeping?
Nope! This price is FIXED and you will be “grandfathered” in at this rate. There may be an additional charge for additional specialties in the future, so we recommend getting in now! 
Can I have an assistant or someone else on my team download the app and log in?
Yes! The app can be used by anyone in your firm. You can create a general log in and password to be used on the mobile or desktop version so each user has access to the same information. 
Can I have an assistant or someone else on my team download the app and log in?
Yes! The app can be used by anyone in your firm. You can create a general log in and password to be used on the mobile or desktop version so each user has access to the same information. 
Is this ideal for someone just starting out? I don’t have any clients yet.
Yes! This app will give you an exact step-by-step and done-for-you process to follow to turn your leads and contacts into paying clients. It will allow you to build authority, get important data from potential clients, and have forms filled out in order to create a seamless process for both you and your prospects. 

You can also use the app at Chamber meetings, BNI meetings and other events to start the relationship building process, or get referrals from your current contacts. The sales coaching videos in the “coaching” section of the app will also be invaluable to anyone just starting out!
Do prospects or clients need to download the app for me to use it?
Nope! This app is just for you and your firm. Your prospects and clients won’t even know about the secret weapon you’re using! Any communication is sent via text, email or sent via social from the app. 
I don’t use my cell number with clients. Can I use a different phone number or land line? 
You can get a google number or another voice over IP Phone number, and you have full control over the contact information you provide. You can also use email instead of the texting feature to send communicate with clients and leads to keep your cell phone number private. 
Where do I find training videos?
All training videos are found in the “Coaching” section of the app. You'll find videos on how to use the app on your phone and on desktop, as well as videos on selling, communication, mindset, and much more!
I don’t have time to market myself. Will this help me?
The app will do most of the leg work for you, so there is no need to do any additional marketing if you are busy. You will be able to quickly build know, like and trust factor, communicate easily with current clients, and easily get more referrals.
I've been so overwhelmed lately that I haven't been able to service my clients to the standard I like. Will this help me?
Yes! Everything in the sales software application is ready for you to use with just a click of a button after you input your clients’ contact information. 
I'm afraid to ask for referrals. Will this help me?
Yes! We have an “Ask for Referral Campaign” that allows you to automatically send emails and messages to your current clients with one click. Asking for referrals has never been so easy!
I don't know where to start. Is each step to take my contacts through in a sequential order? 
Yes! We provide a clear step-by-step process to follow in the resources section of the app. You can also track any activity or action your contact takes, so you’ll know exactly when to move them into to the next step!
How many users/contact can I have?
There is NO LIMIT to the amount of contacts you can enter into the app. You can upload a CSV file or even import contacts from your phone. There is also a training video available within the app to show you how to add your contacts. 
Do I need to type out every email, texts and message into the app before I send it to a potential client? 
We’ve written all the copy for you! You can customize and edit everything we’ve provided if you’d like, but you don’t to. It’s already done for you.
Can I add my own resources and emails?
YES! You can load your own emails, resources, and text messages in if you want.
I have separate DBA names for my different specialties. Do I need 2 subscriptions or can I use just one?
You can use one subscription for all “types” of clients! You can leave out your company name and just use your name and credentials without the DBA as your contact information.