Do you have a lead follow-up process? Or are you just winging it, hoping that the prospects you connect with will follow up with you? As an accountant, it’s SO IMPORTANT to create a lead follow-up process and this episode will show you how!

Denise Mandeau is a Career & Sales Coach for Business owners and Sales professionals who want to find more customers, make more money and have a life!

With proven success as a Small business owner, Financial Planner and award winning Sales person for over 25 years. Denise knows what it takes for people to be truly successful. Her goal is to partner with professionals, EMPOWERING them to be SUCCESSFUL entrepreneurs in their business. Taking their passion to the marketplace with FUN and vitality!

Denise joins The Abundant Accountant Podcast to share her expertise in teaching accountants how to pursue the leads and prospects they deserve to create their lives of abundance.

If you’re an accountant who is ready to start following up without being annoying, then this episode of The Abundant Accountant Podcast is a MUST LISTEN!

Have you ever wondered what my sales follow-up process is? I’m sharing my big secrets in THIS BLOG POST!

Here are a few key secrets we talked about in this episode:

  • The Pitch Queen, Michelle, introduces herself and Denise and shares about her business.
  • Follow-up – how can you do it without being annoying?
  • Did you know that 80% of sales might require 5 follow-ups?
  • “People are so afraid to reach out and talk to people, but the truth is, nobody follows up! People actually like it when you reach out to them and show you care.”
  • The fortune is in the follow-up, and is where a lot of revenue can be generated!
  • Not one accounting professional that we’ve worked with has done any follow-up. This means there is a lot of opportunity to rise above the rest in this area!
  • Follow-up helps you grow a deeper relationship and build rapport with clients.
  • You can stay top of mind for your client’s and prospects by following up. Sometimes timing is off when you first meet, and there’s always something that happens. If you follow up regularly, they’re going to think of you first.
  • New leads are much more expensive than following up with current clients!
  • Make your follow-up communication have significance: “I’m just checking up on you” has no meaning. Make it specific to your last communication you had with them.
  • There was one client who wasn’t ready to enroll with Denise, and Denise continued to follow up with him. About 4 months after their initial meeting, something came up that she thought would be of interest to him, and she invited him to the event. He then signed up for a $10,000 engagement! The fortune is in the follow-up!
  • If you are working with someone who is not ready to engage with you right now, anytime you’re in a meeting or on a call with a client, schedule a follow-up within 12-24 hours right then. Never wait!
  • Remove the back and forth so you don’t have to email or call them again, schedule it right then and there.
  • People appreciate that you take action and book things immediately!
  • Schedule a check-in for one month if they aren’t a good fit now. If you feel like they will be a good fit for your firm, once a month is a great goal for following up.
  • I recommend sending a thank you email to your potential client, thank them for their time, and mention “I look forward to talking to you on [future date], etc…”
  • When I’m sending the thank you, I will also do a little recap of our conversation, sharing “This is what I heard was important to you, etc…”
  • It shows that you were listening and helps you remember what you spoke about in a later meeting – also, paste that email in the calendar appointment notes so you can see and know exactly what you spoke about previously.
  • Send off-topic emails to your clients! Send something fun that is related to your client’s interests. It’s really the thought that counts, and that is what people remember.
  • If you follow up, you differentiate yourself! If you can’t do it every month, do it every other month!
  • Accountants tend to like to send stuff about tax laws – your clients might not really care! Send them something personal. If you don’t know anything about them personally, take them for coffee and learn more about them as a human being! What is their passion and what do they love to do?
  • Focus on value. Reflect back to them what is important to them. Let them know you heard them, you care about what is important to them, and that will make you stand out!
  • Keep building rapport! Every time we reach out and follow up, it builds that relationship even more!
  • Follow up in a genuine activity that sets you apart, and will keep you at the top of your potential client’s mind.
  • Michelle and Denise challenge you to incorporate 30 minutes to an hour of follow up into their schedule each week, and see how it impacts your firm!

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