5 Steps My Accounting Clients Use to 3X Their Base Fees and Revenue for Their Firm
(Without Working Harder or Taking on New Clients)

In this masterclass you will discover: 

  • The step-by-step process my client Ross used to triple his base fees and billed annual revenue, without adding any new clients to have total financial security & more disposable cash.
  • ​How my clients Jodi & Marion boosted revenue without resenting the work they do anymore and having an enormous weight lifted off of their shoulders.
  • ​How my clients get paid first and upfront, without ever having to chase clients down for payments and having accounts receivables ever again.
  • ​How my clients eliminate chaos and mental clutter, so they can regain the excitement they have for their work while permanently eliminating burnout. 
  • ​How my clients eliminate the daily stress so they can sleep peacefully at night...while finally going on a long overdue vacation and completely disconnecting without the worry of losing any business.
  • ​Why compromising on price is NOT a good strategy to getting the best, loyal, appreciative clients and how the accountants I work with gain high-paying clients without caving in and discounting their fees!

Presented By
Michelle Weinstein

Michelle is the founder of The Abundant Accountant and helps accountants to grow their firms to 7-figures and beyond by making selling FUN. 

She has successfully trained accountants, CPAs, EAs, bookkeepers, and other financial professionals how to add $10k to $50k in additional revenue every month.

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