Do you want to stop feeling overworked, underpaid, and unappreciated in your firm but feel like it’s not possible? My guest on this bonus episode is going to prove that it’s 100% possible to turn it all around so you can make more money while working less, and only taking on those clients that are a dream fit for you! Wendi Hall is a graduate of The Abundant Account Sales Mastery Training. She has been preparing tax returns for individuals and businesses for more than 25 years with a focus on addressing the accounting and information technology needs of the small business.  She provides clients not only with year-end tax preparation, but planning, tracking, and other strategies to minimize their expenses and tax liability for both their businesses and personal lives. Wendi has been an Endorsed Local Provider for financial guru and best selling author, Dave Ramsey, since 2008. Her professional services include guiding clients through the “baby steps” to financial freedom. Wendi is the author of several published articles covering topics such as tax planning, business development, and technology. She was named as a 2010 Milwaukee Magazine Five Star Wealth Manager. Wendi has been a regular speaker for the National Speakers Association, Futura Language Professionals National Franchise Conferences, UWM Small Business Development Corp, Lorman Seminars, the Accounting & Financial Women’s Alliance, local chambers of commerce and many others. Wendi is a member of the AICPA, WICPA, Accounting & Financial Women’s Alliance, and National Association of Tax Professionals. You can learn more about her firm at

Here’s a few things we talked about:

  • Wendi shares the most important things she’s done over the last few years to keep herself accountable to herself and grow her firm
  • Why you must make time to work ON your business instead of IN your business
  • How taking an intensive sales course during the busy tax season turned out to be the best thing Wendi did for the growth of her firm
  • Why being coachable is one of the best things you can do for yourself (and grow your accounting firm while you’re at it!)
  • Exactly how Wendi developed the confidence to stop working for free and stop feeling taken advantage of by her clients
  • The one simple shift Wendi made when communicating with her clients that took her sales conversations to the next level
  • How Wendi received more word of mouth referrals this year than ever before, and why your current clients are your greatest resource
  • What losing “good” clients taught Wendi about how to show clients that they’re making the right choice in working with you
  • Wendi shares the most impactful piece of advice she’s learned about creating a firm and life of abundance full of your dream clients

If you’re frustrated with where you currently are in your firm and aren’t sure what steps to take to make a change, this episode is a must listen! Special thanks to Wendi for taking the time to chat. If you want to build your firm and feel confident about selling high-value services to your ideal clients like Wendi, you can book a free call with us if you’ve been in business at least two years. Head to now to schedule your coaching session with The Abundant Accountant team so you can build your dream practice, work less, and get your time and life back!

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