Aleksey Kaplan TAAP Case Study

How do you go from giving discounts to charging 5 times your old rates?

In this special bonus episode of The Abundant Accountant Podcast, we’re hearing exactly how to do it–straight from the mouth of Aleksey Kaplan, a New York based accounting-preneur, who has successfully raised the price of his most basic service from $150 to $650!

As an accountant, I know that you are frustrated and stressed trying to get the right clients through the door, maybe feel like you have no control over who you work with or how much you charge. Maybe you don’t even believe that you can get a potential client to say yes to a high-fee package.

That’s why I invited Aleksey Kaplan on the show to share his story with you. When I first met Aleksey, he had a ton of challenges that were keeping him from getting his firm where he wanted it to go. In this episode, you’ll hear how Aleksey was able to overcome his limiting beliefs and went from sticking to the status quo to being a full-blown accountingpreneur who knows his value, only works with his ideal client, and charges premium rates.


About Aleksey

Mr. Aleksey Kaplan, CPA CTC CTP is not just your average accountant or a tax guy…. He is far more than that…. Mr. Kaplan is a serial entrepreneur who has substantial experience in various industries that he has personally been a part of for many years. Besides the fact that he is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) licensed in the State of New York, he also holds “Elite and Unique”, Certified Tax Coach (CTC) designation that less than 700 other tax professionals have the privilege in obtaining in the entire United States of America. Moreover, Mr. Kaplan has recently obtained Certified Tax Planner (CTP) designation by American Institute of Certified Tax Planners (AICTP) for the outstanding work he has done for his Tax Planning client. He uses tax reductions strategies that save tens of thousands of dollars in tax liabilities to business owners and individuals alike by using IRS approved and court-tested tax strategies.

Over the course of his professional career, Mr. Kaplan has decided to focus his efforts on working with Business Owners to maintain their sophisticated accounting reporting and compliance requirements.

Message from Aleksey Kaplan, CPA CTC CTP to all business owners: “Your time is valuable, and you deserve to spend all of your efforts and energy on running your business and not have the business run your life… You need to do two things as a business owner… One is to generate appointments by getting qualified leads and two is to close those leads and generate more revenue for your business and yourself. Therefore, stop wasting your time trying to reinvent the wheel and attempt to handle all of your accounting and compliance needs by yourself or with the help of unqualified professionals. Let the professional that knows and understand your industry, your business and all of the headaches that come along with it to help you get rid of your worries and headaches by working with you side by side.”

Specialized Services: Strategic Tax Planning for Business Owners and Individual Taxpayers, Accounting and Taxpayer Representation before IRS and IRS.

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