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Get the Simple 5-Step Process Accounting and Tax Firm Owners Use to Enroll their Dream Clients and Charge Higher Prices with Confidence
(WITHOUT the stress or any sleazy selling!)
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Michelle Weinstein, Founder of The Abundant Accountant
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The #1 shift you must make so you NEVER have to feel like you're "selling" someone ever again.
How to talk to a potential client so they know your value and willingly pay whatever you charge.
The most important step (that most people skip) that will help you to get a YES from anyone.
Other  firm owners just like you have added $10k to $50k in additional revenue every month with these 5 steps. However, individual results will vary and are not guaranteed. 

BUT, if you are seriously ready to stop stressing, start making more money, get back to loving the work you do and create the lifestyle you've always wanted...

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about michelle weinstein
You may recognize Michelle from any number of places - presenting at big conferences like Quickbooks Connect, the Forbes Top 12 Small Business Podcasts, and even on ABC's Shark Tank. She is a time-tested entrepreneur, master of selling, and founder of The Pitch Queen and The Abundant Accountant.

In her 20 years of sales experience, she’s worked with multiple CEOs at billion dollar companies, landed contracts with national retailers like Costco and The Vitamin Shoppe, and pitched her way onto ABC’s Shark Tank.

Michelle's business journey started in finance, which is why her mission today is to help accountants, EAs, CPAs and bookkeepers discover their true value and sell high-level services to their clients with ease and confidence. 

Her clients have collectively added over $20 million in additional revenue in their firms in the last two years. ALL of them did this without working more hours, without taking on a ton of new clients, without discounting their services, and without doing anything that they didn’t want to do.
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